The Elixir

I was twelve-years-old. My cousins, Alyssa and DJ, my brother, Chino, and I were role-playing fantasy adventures and somehow, I ended up putting our pretend quests into writing. And thus, The Elixir was born!

~ A bit of a warning, dear readers, for I don’t want to spoil details. Read on at your risk! ~ 

The Elixir cover

The Story

It is basically a fantasy novel, a story that deals with family, friendship, love, sacrifice and self-discovery. :) The synopsis can be found at the sidebar.

It’s something intended for young audiences, elementary kids in particular! I’d say that my writing style is very simple – what do you expect of a 12-year-old? :)

The Characters

Michael – the protagonist who goes from ordinary grandson of a village healer to certified hero. His core characteristics are selflessness and simplicity. Michael has always dreamed of becoming a Rune Master – to be able to control of the powers of a certain Rune, and use them to defend the kingdom. And as fate would have had it, Michael is given the chance of a lifetime when he awakens the Rune of Elixir, the most powerful Rune of them all.

Katrina – Michael’s best friend who is a mage-in-training. She’s frank and straight-forward, with a tendency to act based on impulse rather than deliberate thought. Katrina’s got a good heart that makes it so she’s able to withstand anything if it means the safety of the ones she cares about.

Andrew – a young hunter who is enveloped in great mystery. He’s a silent guy but Michael soon gets him to speak out more.  Andrew’s capable of handling just about any weapon, though he quite prefers using knives. The number of secrets he has is unimaginable.

Rhea – an archer who separated herself from her family in order to keep doing what she loves. Her natural helpfulness gets Michael and Katrina through their first battle encounter outside of their home village. Rhea’s life has always been about archery until she found warmth in the arms of the Fire Rune Master.

The Guardians of the Rune: the sacred council responsible for the Rune Stones and the Rune Masters. They reside in Oresha, Land of the Runes and protect the Rune Stones and train the Rune Masters.

  • Evan: 1st Guardian:  the head of all the Guardians and is known for his wisdom.  A Rune Master himself, as 1st Guardian, it is his duty to pass the full power of the Rune to its true Master after the Master has successfully passed the tests the other Guardians have given.
  • Aquae: 2nd Guardian: the only female Guardian and is known for her mermaid-like voice. As 2nd Guardian, this nixie initiates the Final Test that a Master will take in order to take control of his Rune.
  • Jared: 3rd Guardian: a former archer, he wields the elemental Rune of Fire and is full of warmth and compassion like his Rune. As the 3rd Guardian, he gives the Masters the final training as focus on their respective Rune in preparation for the Final Test.
  • Bryan: 4th Guardian: this brave elf is the older brother of the 5th Guardian, Darius. Powerful as he is, it is his job to train the Rune Master in terms of physical self-defense.
  • Darius: 5th Guardian: a skilled elf with powerful charisma. Despite being the only Guardian without any natural magical powers, his task is to find the Masters and bring them to Oresha to start their training. He also has command of the Oresha Messengers to bring messages and warnings to the different villages of the kingdom.

Lord Balas – an evil vampire, filled with hatred and hunger for the power of the runes. He vowed to destroy the Guardians of the Rune and rule the entire world under his command.

Other Characters: 

  • Chard – Michael’s grandfather, a known healer
  • The Dark Mage – second-in-command to Lord Balas, head of the Dark Mages
  • Gabrielle – wife of the Dark Mage
  • Mage Harrison – father of Katrina, and Head of the White Mages
The Elixir
The Elixir characters as depicted by Isabel Goco - From L to R: The Dark Mage, Darius, Jared, Katrina, Michael, Andrew, Rhea, Aquae, and Bryan

Behind the Elixir Rune Symbol

It does look like the planetary atom model, doesn’t it? With a bright green diamond instead of a sphere as a nucleus… :)

Okay, so basically, the Elixir Rune Symbol was inspired by two things ~ 1) The Sims plumbob – the green diamond. I loved the game as a kid and so, I kind of used it as something that could symbolize ‘life’ (The Sims is a life-simulation game, btw); and 2) yes, Bohr’s planetary model of the atom – the circles around the green diamond are symbols of the 4 elements. The red one – fire; blue – water; brown – earth; and yellow – air.

The Elixir Rune Symbol

Ordering a Copy

You can grab copies of The Elixir at the following Central Books branches:

  • Quezon City927 Quezon Avenue Phoenix Building (Direction Map)
  • Morayta ManilaEver Gotesco Mall, CM Recto cor Nicanor Reyes St, Manila
  • Ortigas Center – Metro ManilaSM MegaMall, 5th Level Building A
You can also order online by clicking here.


“We seek the power of the Master. Reveal your light, show us the answer!” 

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