sweet dreams

So you’ve read sweet dreams, huh? Or do you really just want to spoil yourself? Well, well, well… Whatever your reason for clicking that link, welcome!

The Characters

  • Hailey – An intelligent and dynamic high school sophomore at Dillon High, Hailey serves as Class 2-A’s president as well as the batch representative of all the second years. Having her best friend, Valerie to rely on, Hailey’s life has been nothing more but normal – getting straight A’s, topping the honor lists, winning competitions, receiving sneers and frowns from jealous classmates… She doesn’t mind though because during her freshman year, she started having dreams of a boy, whom she had always regarded as an ‘inspiration’. Though he’s but a part of her dreams, Hailey can’t help but wish that he was real; it seems her heart already belongs to this boy…
  • Kenneth – Living in the shadow of his genius twin brother, Kenneth never once received care or attention from his father. In the middle of his second year as a high school student, Kenneth intentionally cuts classes and gets kicked out of the prestigious Renata Academy. He is forced to enter Dillon High. There, he meets Hailey, who generously helps him get around school. A few weeks later, Hailey starts acting differently, after having termed to Kenneth as the boy from her dreams. Things get worse when Kenneth starts developing feelings for Hailey and at the same time, find out about his brother’s dream girl…
  • Dylan – Known as a prodigy, Dylan is the pride of his family, especially cared for by his father, Desmond. Though they are complete opposites, Dylan tries his best to keep the friendship between him and his twin brother, Kenneth. Since his first year at Renata Academy, he has kept having dreams of a girl, who he has always thought of special. The time comes when he tells Kenneth of this girl, who unfortunately turns out to be the girl Kenneth was eyeing as well, thus tearing apart any form of friendship Dylan used to have with his brother…



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