How to Write a Novel in 7 Days

“How to Write a Novel in 7 Days” cover

The Story

Sia Valencia’s ultimate dream is to be a full-fledged writer. But with her seventh rejection, this time from Liberia Publishing, she might as well bid goodbye to that dream and say hello to life at law school that her dad has been planning for her since she was young. To make things worse, the obnoxious jerk from high school, Marc Ramirez, is the brother of the publishing editor who rejected her work.

But the publishing editor sees potential in Sia and her work, and thinks it would be a shame for such passion to go to waste. So he gives her one more shot: she has to write a novel in one week, and spend that same week with Marc.

Seven days with the insufferable Marc Ramirez, but a chance for her novel to get published. How far is Sia willing to go for her dream?


Wow! It’s finally here! :) I originally had no intentions of publishing HWN7D, digitally or otherwise. This was a product of my short attention span – Yep! Sorry, sir. I really wasn’t taking down notes during your class. I was writing the first few lines of the story that would later be known as “How to Write a Novel in 7 Days”. I wrote on-and-off, what with the reality that is Med school, and finally managed to finish the manuscript around last year. Edits and proofreads and lots of tinkering around later, and here we are.

I’ve been asked over and over what genre this novel is in – I realize the rather lengthy title does make it sound like an instructional manual/self-help book, but it is actually in the young adult/new adult (if we consider the age of the characters)/romance/general fiction area of the literary spectrum. It’s a pretty light read, the type I hope you’d enjoy when you want a break from all the stresses of real life.

My thanks goes out to everyone in Flipside Publishing, especially my editors, Sir David and Ma’am Lea. Visit my official Flipside Author page here: Angeli Dumatol’s Flipside page  and visit the official HWN7D Flipside page here: HWN7D on Flipside

You can get your e-book copies of HWN7D at the following e-bookstores:

Google Play

"It's my life. It's my story. 
Who better to write it than me?" (HWN7D, 2014)

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