Trick of the Shadows

Author’s Note: It’s February! And there are a lot of things to be happy about! First, it’s FamMed and ComMed month, meaning we now bring focus on the ART of medicine, rather than solely the Science part of it. That, and well, it’s a benign rotation – hooray for writing time! Second, it’s the month of love! This season has always been a minefield of inspiration, and that explains why I’m back to writing stuff like this. And lastly, it’s also National Arts Month here in the PH. All the more reason to embrace the writer within and just let the words flow~


Trick of the Shadows

I thought I saw you today.

The boy, the man, that I almost ran into looked a lot like you.

He looked so much like you that I just had to turn around for a second look.

And a third.

And a fourth.

He must have thought I was crazy.

Even I thought I was crazy.

How could I ever have thought that we’d cross paths again?

It’s been far too long, and far too many things have happened.

You’ve made your choices and I’ve made mine.

Still, there are days, days like today,

Days when I catch a glimpse of you

Only to find out that it isn’t really you,

But just a trick of the shadows,

Nothing more but an illusion of what could have been,

Had we chose to hold on rather than say goodbye.



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