Thrill-seeker: The Sandbox Adventure

I had a blast at Sandbox today, where I took on several thrill-seeking challenges with my brother and cousins. It’s an adventure camp in Porac, Pampanga, offering several extreme attractions guaranteed to give you quite the adrenaline rush. Up until the very moment I am writing this blog entry, way back here in Manila, I can still feel the world rushing by me as I ride down that zipline course. Wooooh! Fun!
Allow me to tell this story in pictures. :)

Angeli, Alyssa, Chino, and DJ, all-set for their Sandbox adventure. Mommies, ready to take some pictures! We missed you, Twins! :)
boys wall climb
The boys at the Wall Climbing tower. Let’s just say they didn’t have much luck at it… :))
girls wall climb
Then again, so was the same for us girls. :)) I blame my lack of upper body strength!
I’ve done rappelling before, but the tower here at Sandbox was around two flights of stairs higher than what I’ve experienced. Felt a bit nervous upon the first kick-off, but eventually, the slide down went smoothly without any trouble. Boom! :)
giant swing 1
The first drop from the Giant Swing was crazy scary! My heart was already pounding as we were being raised up, higher and higher so as to build momentum. And when the ropes were released, there was nothing more I could do, other than scream! At first, it felt like you were being tossed into the air, but as you got used to the feel, it was actually fun! Swing nga na malaki! :))
giant swing 2
Alyssa was wild throughout the entire ride. I think she kept kicking me all the way up to the end. Haha! || But it was way fun screaming just for the heck of it. They said it was a lot like the Vikings ride, but I beg to differ. This was a whole new experience. Fun!
aerial walk 1
The Aerial Walk was one challenging obstacle course! We were right to save this one for last. My arms and legs felt extremely sore afterwards!
aerial walk 2
The Hanging Bridge was scary! :)) A test of balance! I was shaking the whole time I was crossing the BV thing. Haha!
aerial walk 3
The incline upwards was pretty challenging. It was all about balance and coordination! And well, not looking down helped a lot as well! Here I am, doing the Oblation, at the top of the obstacle course.
aerial walk 4
Rappelling on your own! :)) It was difficult in that it was every man for himself. No park guides at the top to help you do the ropes. || I am extremely thankful for the helpful guides at the bottom who were more than willing to scream instructions at us way up there. :))
cousins love
A great day for family bonding! :) I had a blast. Here’s to more adventures!

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