Challenge Accepted

Where did the four months go? Yes, well, if you’d been flying with me on this online chronicle of my life, you may have noticed that I’ve skipped practically two months worth of blog entries. Blame it on the unproductive business I’ve put myself into.

Anyhow, 9 days left to go  ’til LU V officially begins. I can’t believe I’m in my third year of Medicine proper already and in my fifth year of the seven year INTARMED program. The MD is practically already in sight, but I still don’t feel that I’m ready for it. I guess it’s only normal to feel this way. I’ve always known the path to becoming a doctor wasn’t easy; it is a big challenge, especially since it’s not the only one you’re trying to conquer. Oh, world of literature, why can’t I let go of you? 

Not that it worried with when I first started along this road. Back in high school, I’ve always loved challenges. I’d always say that math and science were my favorite subjects because they gave me room to challenge myself, they made me think. And in the words of the mathematician Rene Descartes, “Cogito ergo sum” – “I think, therefore I am”. You could say it grants a sense of accomplishment – thinking and eventually finding the answer.

But I guess the passing of time does indeed change a lot of things. Don’t get me wrong. I still love a good challenge, but I think I am only beginning to realize that life itself is a big challenge all on its own, even without me trying to complicate things for myself by pursuing both career paths in Medicine and Literature. With my lengthy four month break, I’ve been writing every chance I get, even managing to send an entry to a competition as well as a workshop (crossed fingers on the success of both!).  Somewhere in the middle of it all, I found myself looking for things to study. I even ended up opening a Med textbook or two as well as finally accompanying my dad in the operation room or my mom with her rounds to observe. You don’t have to convince me how insanely different the two worlds are (I’m writing Young Adult Fiction, mind you. If I had been writing about the wonderful world of Medicine, they wouldn’t be so different, I guess, but yeah…), since that can’t be any clearer than it already is for me. But in the end, I think getting a shot a both worlds, as different as night and day, is a blessing in disguise.

Yes, it’s a challenge. Yes, it’s not easy. Yes, it’s insanely difficult. But it’s what I want and I happen to enjoy living in both worlds, so why not? No matter what I find along the way, I believe I’ll end up enjoying the journey down both roads. It’s all a matter of perspective in the end. Who knows? Maybe somewhere along the way, there’ll be some sort of intersection between the two – or maybe I’ll be able to make one. Is that another challenge I see? 

Guess what, Life? Challenge accepted.


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