Wine, Cheese and Biscuits

With LU4 officially over, I wholeheartedly welcome the start of my 4-month vacation! Wooooh! It’s been quite the year, but helLU4 was not as hellish as I may have expected to be. It was a year full of fun and learnings~

And one of the reasons why I successfully conquered the toxic 2nd year of Med school is the fact that I have awesome people by my side every step of the way. I super love you forevermates! <3

True enough, because we’re clingy that way, we spent the whole afternoon today bonding over wine, cheese, crackers, cake, soda and pizza with lots of kilig moments and random kwento, not to mention an awards session of our very own! Sort of a last fun hangout session before everyone leaves for home~ Thank you, thank you to Anton and his family for having us! :D

we weren't kidding :)) we did tell you that it was a wine, cheese and biscuits party! haha~
we weren’t kidding :)) we did tell you that it was a wine, cheese and biscuits party! haha~
I’m part of the Awards Committee (along with the two awesome people with me in the picture – Lorenzo and Kyle!), so this wasn’t really much of a surprise :)) Haha! But all the same, thank you for my J.K. Rowling Award~! It’s quite flattering to be compared to one of my favorite authors of all time. Hope to be just as talented as her someday ;)
Presenting the winners! :D Congratulations everyone! Hope you all had fun! Keep your sashes! XD
Best forevermates I could ever hope to have! <3 Super thankful to have you guys~! Truly a blessing :)

In the beginning, I was a bit nervous to be the only iMed in my group, what with the lack of familiarity that seemed at the time the remaining source of comfort in what was definitely going to be a life changing moment – it was Med school at last, after all! Med proper! Something I’ve waited for for a very long time~ – But time soon proved to me that all was as it should be. I was where I rightfully belonged.

Thank you, forevermates, for everything! You make Med school so much bearable! I am truly blessed to have you all in my life! :) Thank you for your patience, especially when it comes to stuff I know absolutely nothing about (sorry! iMed lang eh! :)) ) Here’s to more years of fun, bonding, and kuwento! Here’s to forever!

*Photos grabbed from Kyle and Gienah :) More pictures as soon as Marvin posts!


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