Proud of Your Boy

Late post! Due to crappy Internet last night, I wasn’t able to post this. :) Congrats, Chino! 

Even though it’s this late – the clock reads 11:17PM – and I have to wake up early tomorrow – as in 5:30AM early, I just wanted to take time to write this short blog entry saying how incredibly proud I am to have a little brother like CHINO. :) Ne, if you’re reading this – which, I think, is doubtful since you don’t even visit my blog – I *clap, clap* you on a successful retreat~!


I was supposed to spend today studying, but I ended up accompanying Mom to Chino’s Parent-Son Retreat over at the Claret Seminary. I honestly can’t recall why I agreed on going in the first place – Dad had an OR, so he couldn’t come – since I was going to have absolutely nothing to do there. But, in the end, I’m glad I was there. I got to witness my little brother be the awesome guy that he is. :) Who knew that such a withdrawn and silent boy had that kind of confidence and charisma in him? No wonder he’s so popular with his batchmates… And I can really understand why he’s a favorite of the teachers.

Ne, thank you for being the best baby brother ever! Thank you for putting up with my eccentrics, occasional crankiness and bossiness, and all the other things I put you through. I’m honored that you consider me your idol, but always remember that you have your own strengths and that you too can shine, if only you put your mind into it. Ang galing mo kaya, Ne. ‘Wag ka matakot na magtiwala sa sarili mo kasi alam kong malayo talaga ang mararating mo. Pero, ‘wag din naman yung sobrang kampante ka na napapabayaan mo na yung mga dapat mo talagang gawin. Mommy, Daddy, and I are always here for you whenever you need us (or even when you don’t need us). Konti na lang gagradwayt ka na ng hayskul. Ibang mundo ang college – sobrang iba – but I know you’ll cope with it easily, being the nice, friendly, and talented guy that you are. Hold on to your principles and never lose sight of who you really are. Reach for your dreams, lil’ bro! We love you~!


couldn't have asked for a better baby brother :) love yah, Ne!
couldn’t have asked for a better baby brother :) love yah, Ne!

One thought on “Proud of Your Boy

  1. No mother could be prouder than me. Iam so blessed to have you both as my children. You two have brought so much joy to my heart. I love you my angel and my chino !!!

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