To New Beginnings

I’ve been so caught up in the holiday break that I’ve been neglectful of my blog. What an irony… When you actually have time to write, you don’t write at all! Well, blame that on the many other things I’ve been busying myself with over the past non-academic days. No can do about it now.

It’s 2014 already and I’m eager to start the new year right. No, I will not be making any resolutions. I plan on living this year according to the opportunities that will be thrown my way. Of course, this might just be my way of saying that I have no idea what I want to achieve this year and if that’s true, well, what’s wrong about that, I say? Surprises can be good and I’d certainly like to keep an open mind when it comes to opportunities and experiences. So, let’s hope for the best!

Today, I managed to get a bit productive and finished 75% of my Forensic Pathology homework. I think watching the Sherlock Season 3 episode yesterday inspired me in a way, even if there wasn’t much sleuthing involved as compared to the fan service (not that I didn’t appreciate it. Mycroft – Sherlock showdowns! Johnlock feels! Broken window kiss!) Plan to finish it later on after I get a little reading/writing/watching done.

Here’s to a new beginning! Hello 2014! Be awesome! ;)


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