Birthday Surprises

And just when I thought the greetings had all ended, these guys pull a fast one on me. Aww~! Thank God for friends like these! I am truly blessed! :D


Last Friday, during Chill: the 2017 Christmas Party, I was helping Reggie out with the last minute decorations when a tap came on my shoulder. I turned around to face my three beautiful girls, Shari, Aila and Anna, along with our friend, Jan, holding out a wrapped package. “Happy birthday!” At first, I could only blink and stare. Like, whoa. I did not see that coming at all! I was immediately pressured into opening the gift – despite careful attempts at sparing the wrapper – and trying it out. The moment I realized it was a shoe box, I knew what they gave me – yey! Finally~! Matching na tayong apat! Thank God they fit ! :)) Thank you so much! Love you all~!




Yna, you are absolutely the best gift giver and surprise planner ever! :)) I love these! Awesome bookmarks ! Sa sobrang clingy, pati pagbabasa ko in-invade niyo na rin! Haha! Super thank you to the best hand group – Kyle, Lorenzo, Yna, Cecile, Marvin, Reggie, Sha, Gienah, and AJ! :D <3 Here’s to forever! Love you, clingys!

God has a way of providing you with things you don’t even ask for.
I consider you all my true gifts. :) I thank God every day for blessing me with friends like you. Here’s to a lifetime of true friendship!


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