Late post! On account of my recently concluded OS 211 – Neuro exam earlier, a.k.a. my last exam for the year 2013, I’m taking time to write this entry in honor of my 20th birthday celebration last Sunday, December 8, 2013. 

10AM – I wake up unnaturally early for a Sunday. Though I am still the last to rise, it is still uncharacteristically early for me. I’m used to waking up past noon during the weekends, on account of having to catch up on much needed sleep after another tiresome week of Med School. This has been how it is for like forever so I can’t exactly blame my mom for the very first thing she told me on my supposed special day~

“O, bakit gising ka na?! (Why are you awake already?!)”  she asks while tying up an orange balloon. Meanwhile, a few other balloons are already hanging by one side of the room, along with a hurriedly printed banner bearing the words, Happy Birthday Angeli!!!. Meanwhile, I could smell the workings of my favorite kare-kare as well as my birthday spaghetti. No sight of Chino and Dad.

Aww… They were trying to surprise me! True enough, not long after, Chino and Dad arrives with my birthday cake. And after a taking a few pictures (papayag ba naman si Mommy na walang pictures?!), we eat lunch. 

It is by far the simplest birthday celebration ever. We didn’t leave home at all except in the evening when we went to hear Mass and eventually head back to Manila. I spent quite some time studying (well, trying to study), but mostly, I kept replying to birthday greetings, each and every one meaningful as far the thought and effort it took to send.

Thank you, Lord, for 20 years of life, blessings and every day miracles…


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