Can’t Sleep

I was doing a little leisure reading around 9pm, only to fall asleep and somehow, wake up at 1:30am. I continued reading until I finally finished the book.  It was then 3am. When I attempted to go back to sleep, I find myself unable to do so. Tossing and turning in classic insomniac pattern, I eventually gave up and made for my laptop.

It is now 3:44am and I can’t sleep.

I got myself a glass of fresh milk and proceeded to editing HWN7D. Only, I can’t really function well at this ungodly hour, so I settle for this blog entry instead. Thank goodness for 10am classes! Maybe I can fit a few hours of sleep later on when I ture myself out. 

It’s probably because I already fell asleep earlier on. God, my whole body hurts and I feel the sick creeping in. So many things to do. I can’t wait for Friday to arrive so we can just get it all over with. It’ll be my fourth TRP and I’m no stranger to the intense practice sessions that go before the performances that last just under a minute. But the brief moment onstage is worth the hours of practice; that moment when you feel the spotlight on you, the crowd’s eyes on you and their eventual applause at your performance…

But, really… I am definitely swearing off all these next year. On my ICC year, I will fully embrace being benign. No more toxic stuff!

Now, how do I get Mr. Sandman to work his magic on me? 


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