Beyond the Notes

It certainly isn’t the first time I’m writing about this – going beyond the books, notes and  transes – but I never really get tired of it. It is classic student mentality to be so obsessed with what is written, what has been lectured, and what is undeniably the easiest way to the correct answer. And every time we get told by a preceptor to just close our books and just use our minds to think and actually consider the patient at hand, and not the dekahon case we already have a transcription of, I try, I do try…

Though it certainly is difficult. For one thing, we don’t have an actual patient to look at. What we’re given is simply a paper case and we are expected to actually be able to visualize this mentioned case as an actual patient consulting us at the OPD. We are asked what more of the history do you want to know?, what will you look for in the PE, blah, blah, blah, and those are mightily fine questions. I just can’t help but find it difficult to actually go about answering these without the actual patient interaction part. So yeah, tendency to rely on the notes, transes and books.

For today, we had lectures on Urticaria, Allergic Rhinitis and Anaphylaxis, plus an SGD on Adverse Drug Reaction and Atopic Dermatitis, marking the end of the lectures for OS 216, and officially letting us off to study for the exam tomorrow. I like Dra. de Leon in that she asks all the important questions, considers all our answers – hearing out our reasons for thinking as such, and eventually directing us towards the right way. Her nonchalant expression all throughout the SGD makes it hard to know whether what you’re saying is actually right, but I think she does it on purpose so that we can show that we’re really sure of what we’re saying and not just merely guessing (which is, to say, I often do. Ahihihi…)

Anatomates 9 with Dra. Julia de Leon at the last SGD for OS 216 - Immune Response / Allergy Module :) || "Think about the patient. Don't just rely on your notes!"
Anatomates 9 with Dra. Julia de Leon at the last SGD for OS 216 – Immune Response / Allergy Module :) || “Think about the patient. Don’t just rely on your notes!”

So, yes! Go beyond the notes, beyond the books!
But for now, embrace the transes and the books – Exam tomorrow! Kill it, Angeli!


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