Halfway There

The moment I shaded my answer for the last question on that 200-item Mega Cardio exam, I wanted to scream. It was over. It was finally over. Cardio, at least… I had to force myself to stay put, review my answers and yes, answer them CEBs. 

Nonetheless, even with the last Pharma exam still waiting for me on Wednesday, the 1st semester of LU4 is more or less over. And that means I, along with the other people of iMed2017, are halfway there. Boom, baby! Getting closer and closer to that MD!

All I can say is that I’m completely in love with Medicine – the wonders of the human body, the advances of science, the healing, the caring, everything. I love both the good and the bad parts about it. I’m thankful for all the experiences, the up’s and down’s I’ve gone through, and I’m definitely looking forward to the rest of this journey.


Okay, so I’m still not officially in sembreak mode yet, so I’ll postpone posting my sembreak reading list and the rest of my plans. :) Got Pharma to worry about still, but before that…

The House of Hades, baby! Hoorah for #YOLO Saturday!


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