It’s been another crazy week of helLU4 at the UP College of Medicine. I have to admit that I’m actually enjoying Cardio despite the bulk of stuff I have to study and learn by heart (Good Lord, will the Cardio puns never stop? Hahaha!).

Monday, September 30 – We had quite the preceptorial session with Dr. Jara for Adult Cardio Hx and PE. Our patient, R.E., had symptomatic bradycardia secondary to gastrointestinal bleeding secondary to a possible angiodysplasia (colonoscopy results have yet to reveal the pathology). At first, I was really troubled by how serious and strict Dr. Jara appeared. We were told to shut off our tablets and just think. He let us speak one by one, hearing out how we interpreted our findings and what we thought really happened to the patient. But in the end, I really appreciated how he made us realize that it wasn’t by looking at all the books and notes that we become good doctors; it is by thinking and critically analyzing what we saw in the patient.

"You can be the best scientist you can be, but in the end, 
what your patient may need is a good pat in the back."
- Dr. Jara

Tuesday, October 1 – October naaaaa! A show of MSS love for the Tuesday conference! It was a Pathology afternoon. We had a group quiz on Gross and Histologic findings. I never really liked patho – so complicated. The only good thing about this day was that we got to go home early. Wooo….

Wednesday, October 2 – Lecture galore. Let me summarize my reactions to the various Cardio lectures of the day:

  • Pediatric Heart Failure – Meh. Not much difference with the adult. But, Dra. Sison is forever adorable! :)
  • Inflammatory Heart Diseases in Children – It was okay. Kawasaki disease.
  • Pediatric ECG – Dra. Arceo FTW! She taught so well that I didn’t even bother with the transcription. You awesome, ma’am!
  • Adult ECG – Basically, a repeat of the previous lecture with additional info on recognizing MI on the ECG reading.
  • CVS Pharma: Anti-angina and Antiarrythmic Drugs – Gah. Pharma sucks as usual. And the fact that this class ran from 3-5pm did not help at all. Class nap time, baby!

Thursday, October 3 – Again, so many lectures… This day went by pretty fast because a couple of our lecturers weren’t able to come to school. Soooo, more time to study for tomorrow!

Friday, October 4 – Quiz No.2! Though I did study for the quiz, it was really, again, a matter of how much you read and memorized the Sarap. Sad to say that it’s really a reality of our examinations when it fact they should really gauge what we learned for the module. Anyhow, that’s that. Then, we had quite the interesting preceptorial session, Pediatric this time, with Dr. Cheng. Our patient, K.E, was so adorable. I loved him from the start. Despite being in the wards, despite his condition, the smile on his face never ceased to exist. We talked about Turbo the racing snail =)) K.E. has Tetralogy of Fallot, wherein we suspect a complete closure of the Pulmonary Stenosis due to the fact that we couldn’t hear any murmurs. I learned a lot from Dr. Cheng :)) Quite the interesting doctor.

In the afternoon, we had our mentoring session with Dra. Abad at Ersao. Wooooh! Mango float shake! :) Spicy squid! Bonding with forevermates! Yey~! Awesome way to end an awesome day.

And now, the weekend is for preparing for the last stretch – Cardio OSCE on Monday and mega 200-item Cardio final exam on Friday. Nerve-wracking as usual! Let’s hope for the best!

The end of the semester is fast approaching! And since Leader Cecile says that we might not be able to start with our research project this sembreak, I get two week of Angeli R&R time! Yey~! Konting push pa!




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