For the Love of Reading

After the Friday the 13th deadly trio of OB, Patho and Epid exams (all of which would take a miracle for me to pass. Oh Lord God, I did my best. Kayo na po ang bahala… ), it’s time for my favorite kind of detox – book shopping! And not just any ordinary book shopping, it’s book shopping at the biggest gathering of bookstores, publishers and fellow bibliophiles in the country, the Manila International Book Fair at the SMX Convention Center.

Dad and I have planned this bonding session a few weeks back (yes, ganun ako ka-excited) and since I was busy trying to become a doctor during the weekdays, we chose today, Saturday, as our go day. To maximize our time, we headed there early after a KFC breakfast.

BOOKS. BOOKS. BOOKS EVERYWHERE. It’s a bibliophile’s heaven! Dad and I went around the entire place, checking out potential reads and yes, keeping an eye out for good bargains. We, of course, looked at the med books, references I might need for the future; then, it was history books for Dad and novels galore for me.

my new books~! so sad to say that you babies will have to wait until sembreak to be read... weee!
my new books~! so sad to say that you babies will have to wait until sembreak to be read… weee!
always a ‘kilig’ moment || ‘The Elixir’ and ‘sweet dreams’ are both available in Central Books branches in the country :)

And yes, I did pay the Central Books booth a visit to check on my babies. Seeing your books on display is always a ‘kilig’ moment. Next time, I hope to see less and less of them on shelves and more and more in the hands of readers, if you get what I mean ;) #self-fulfillingprophecy

It’s a pleasant sight to see so many book lovers gathered in one place. It just goes to show that the printed word is not dead and it will never be so for nothing can replace the adventure brought about by a good book.

Thank you, Dad, for the perfect detox after my stressful week! Napagod tayong dalawa kakaikot at kakasiksik! Yey~! Hooray for the love of reading!


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