More than a Label

I don’t know why were so worried! :) We had such a fruitful SGA session with Dra. Reyes earlier. The two subgroups each presented their patient cases – one of Rheumatoid Arthritis and the other Osteoarthritis – while Dra. Reyes guided our discussion and thoroughly explained things about the Hx, PE, DDx, Treatment and Management as well as the socioeconomic factors. More than our discussion about the medical jargon and all that, I appreciated the fact hat Dra. Reyes directed us towards understanding the patient as a person and not merely focusing on the diagnosis he or she has been labelled with. As I continue on my journey towards becoming a doctor, I hope and pray that I will never ever forget this.

More than the diagnosis, what we should know is what this
diagnosis means for the patient, how it'll affect his
or her life.

In other news, we were given the opportunity to attend the 10th Annual Dr. Lourdes A. Manahan Lectures in Rheumatology. Surprisingly, some of the lectures given were in fact very, very similar to what we’re already tackling in LU4 (2nd Yr Medicine Proper). I guess it’s true what they say – the learning never stops. Everything I’m learning now, I’m bound to learn again in the future, perhaps in a better light, after I’ve encountered true patients instead of simply focusing on books and transes.

We’re given the rest of the afternoon off and I plan to use it wisely, so I’m going to have to cut this entry short. :) Last push for MSK! Let’s do this!

Lord, please help me pass tomorrow’s 155-item exam. 

ready to start studying! transes - highlighters - Harrison's - my new bone-shaped pen || it'll all be over soon...
ready to start studying! transes – highlighters – Harrison’s – my new bone-shaped pen || it’ll all be over soon… last push for MSK!

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