Break My Bones

We’re in the middle of the shortened Musculoskeletal week and already, I am begging for it to be over. I never really gotten along well with them muscles and bones. Ever since. Ghad. Can’t we fast forward to the OB module already?

In other news, I saw The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (pun unintended) TWICE already – #YOLO friday afternoon with Anna and Jan, and my parabatai “Better in Black” date with BFF, Ayi. It’s a pretty decent adaptation! So much love for the fight scenes. But really, come on, guys… MALEC was the selling point, right? And they haven’t even shown a quarter (hell, an eighth!) of the hotness that is Magnus Bane. Woooooo~! Nevertheless, thank you, Jamie Campbell Bower, for delivering well. I have to say that I didn’t expect that from you and though I still think there’s something lacking, you did Jace Wayland  Morgenstern Herondale Lightwood justice. And dehm, Lily Collins! Why you so pretty?! So much love also to Robert Sheehan, who is the perfect Simon! Can’t wait to see you as the Daylighter!

Let me take this opportunity also to congratulate UPCM Class 2013 for getting 100% passing rate in the August 2013 Physician Licensure Board exams. Wooo! UPCM is also the top performing school with 149/149 passers! Yey~!

Okay… So, graded PE preceptorial tomorrow in replacement of our OSCE proper. Better get back to reviewing…

But first… Let me post a poem… Read the succeeding post. 


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