When It Rains, It Pours

Classes have been suspended again and it’s really no surprise. It’s been raining all day! The sun’s off hiding somewhere while the rain unceasingly brought down its wrath upon us throughout the entire day. :(

The news feeds don’t look pretty good. Flood are everywhere. Properties damaged here and there. And what’s more, the people – dear Lord, the poor people. Let us all pray that this will pass soon.

In other news, some of the Clingy People and I worked on our Ultimate Guide to the MSK OSCE trans the whole day. :| It’s kinda hard to work on something you know absolutely nothing about. I had to rely on Bates’ and the Internet for knowledge. Huhu. Hopefully, it comes out pretty well and that it’ll be useful enough for all of us to survive the coming OSCE next week. Looks like Angeli the Orthopedic Surgeon has to study all these on her own… Self made! 

I leave you all with the very talented Jang Geun Suk singing the theme song from Love Rain, just because it’s raining… Stay safe, everyone, and pray for the Philippines!


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