How Deep is Your Flood?

“How deep is your floood?” sings my ever beautiful mommy with her unmatched sense of humor last night upon the sudden fall of intense rain and matching rise of the flood waters. Guess we all know who Chino got that from… 

So, yes. I’m home in QC on this very cold, rainy Monday afternoon. Classes suspended. But there’s no storm signal. The rainfall is reportedly due to the Habagat and Bagyong Maring working in tandem. It’s been like this since yesterday morning. >.< I hope everyone’s safe! As much as possible, don’t go out and stay at home!

To answer Mom’s question, the latest flood update report from the MMDA (taken from their official FB page) reads:

FLOOD UPDATES: As of 11:18 AM.

Recto Morayta - gutter deep.
Rizal Recto - 1/2 tire deep.
Taft Kalaw Orosa - waist deep
Quezon blvd Paterno - knee deep.
Quezon blvd Soler - knee deep.
UN ave - 1/2 tire
Manila City hall - knee deep.
Quirino extn./UN - knee deep.
Jose Abad Santos Tayuman lto - waist deep.
Jose Abad Santos Batangas - 1/2 tire deep.
Jose Abad Santos Tayabas - gutter deep.
Recto Avenida WB - tire deep
Recto Avenida EB - gutter deep.
Taft Quirino - gutter deep.

Multinational - gutter deep.
Sucat to Evacom - waist deep.
Malugay Mayapis - knee deep.
Brgy. Yakal - knee deep.
Pasong Tamo - gutter deep.
Zapote/jollibee/tramo/tuazon - chest deep.
Sucat SM City - waist deep.
Moonwalk Alvarez - waist deep.

Let’s all pray that it clears up soon. >.<


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