Looking, but not Seeing

Post-Hematology module – which was such a bloody hell(week) by the way, pun intended – I had just enough time to chill during my Saturday (and still managed to accompany Mom on one of her medical missions) before plunging into the wonderful world of Ophthalmology.

We started the module yesterday and one thing I really like about it is spending time in SOJR (Sentro Oftalmolohiko Jose Rizal)- the PGH that is not PGH. The Ophtha people seem to have their own world within the hospital, what with their own pretty building to call home. For the next three days, we’ll be having classes in this gorgeous SOJR auditorium and our SGDs in the various conference rooms in the building.

Lessons-wise, I had fun yesterday during our practicum training with Dr. Lising (fast learner daw! haha!) and the clingy-est handgroup ever! Now that’s what I call a high-yield session! I can only hope to learn how to use an ophthalmoscope properly before we see the patients. I can never get past reporting (+)ROR and clear media, what with not being able to appreciate the vessels, let alone the optic disc. Kaya ‘to! Believe!

In other news, I am awake at this time because our SGD had been moved to 7AM. Wow. I haven’t had a 7AM class since MedImproper ended… Thank God I was able to wake up…

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to prepare. Still have to cram information into my head, so I don’t look lost during the discussion later~

Ophtha is going to be fun~! :D


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