Looking, but not Seeing II

This day came as such a pleasant surprise to me that it warrants a second entry. :) You may recall my musings earlier this morning upon the transfer of our SGD and Practicum (supposedly tomorrow, after the lectures) wherein we had to report at SOJR at 7AM. Well, it all turned out for the best in the end! Such a high yield day~! :)

First up, SGD on Eye Deviation and Globe Displacement with Dr. Veloso. We discussed a case on left sensory exotropia with developmental cataract. Ma’am was awesome! :) Not only was she pretty, she handled our session very well. I learned a lot and was also able to connect a lot of stuff from the lectures and readings. Awesome-sauce!

Next up was our dreaded practicum. My groupmates and I were pretty nervous about this because we just had the teaching session yesterday and were supposed to practice on ourselves today to prepare for tomorrow. We had no idea what to expect and what was expected of us in return. Thankfully, our patient was nice and cooperative, and as a bonus, I guess, had perfect eyesight! 20/20 OU! Absolutely no problems!

ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED – I was finally able to appreciate the optic disc and cup! Wooooh~! Unfortunately, I have no idea how to estimate the cup/disc ratio. Haha. Using an ophthalmoscope can be so hard. :| But there was no way to improve on it , except to practice and practice and practice.

Lectures were pretty OK too, though I had a hard time listening what with the extreme extension of the prof which almost consumed our entire lunch period.

The very highlight of this day would have to be the SGD on Disturbances in Vision with our amazing preceptor, Dr. Dela Cruz! You rock, sir! Idol! Now that’s how discussions should be done! Fun, interactive, informative! It was a great way to learn about something boring like cataracts. We were even able to watch cataract surgery videos, both the old ICLE and phaecoemulsification versions. I have to say na sobrang nabenta ni Sir sa akin ang Ophtha, which is actually a second-choice specialty of mine. Because of Dr. Dela Cruz, I’m kind of really considering the field now :D But we’ll see. There’s still plenty of time to work towards all those choices.

SGD1 groupmates with the amazing Dr. Dela Cruz :) || in achromatopsia (full color blindness) view || who would have thought learning about cataracts could be fun?

An awesome day overall~! :) If only all days were as great as this one…

I’m really gonna miss the Ophtha module when it ends :( For now, aral-aral din pag may time – exam na sa Thursday~! Let me end this entry with a few words from our SGD preceptor:

"Sa Ophtha, ang patients nakakakita, 
ang doctors kumikita."

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