Chill (for now)

WHAT AN EXAM. Let me just say that the 2nd Pharma exam was so unbelievably difficult and disastrous that I just want to freakin’ forget about it right now. *insert screams of frustration here* All I can do now is pray and hope for the best. It would probably take a miracle for me to pass that one. -__-

In other news, it’s an intermodule weekend~! Yey! Post-Pharma and Pre-OS! Also, next week, the class is going to be divided into 2 blocks already :( I’ll miss the Block B people. Good luck on starting the hell-ish Cardio module, guys! On the bright side of things, at least nasa Buenafe na kayo! Super cold! We, Block A pips, have Hema to look forward too! Oooh~ Blood bank tour! Will I finally get to learn how to extract blood? #medyoexciting

Anyhow, to make up for the crazy week of studying that just passed, I plan to get some writing and editing done (an EIC’s job is never finished!) as well as to make kulit of my staffers. Later, I’m going to have a movie marathon – The Lone Ranger (watching simply because it’s Johnny Depp. Enough said.) and Tuhog (a mainstream movie that actually looks good!).

It’s chill time! The calm before the OS storm! :D 2 exams next week! Brace yourself!


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