Post-Pharma first exam and I’m like – waaaaaah. Intense. How can an exam be so freakin’ difficult?! I mean, I studied! It should have been a lot more understandable than that…

In other news, the next Pharma exam happens to be on Friday. Wow. They say that it’s notably easier than its predecessor, but let’s see… With only three days to study – yes, I do plan on just resting tonight, though we’ll see if my conscience will be able to handle wasting a night of study, I just can’t figure out how that exam will be easier than the one I just spent a whole week, including my precious weekend, on.

Ending this ranting short with a quick: HAAAY. MED LIFE.

I need to catch up on some zzz’s. -___- Catch you later, cyberspace!


2 thoughts on “Tolerance

  1. Stumbled on your blog and this entry made me laugh- I HATED pharm. Luckily we didn’t have it as a separate course (just integrated into each organ system) but UGH. Good luck with everything :)

    1. thanks for dropping by! :)) Pharma is such a drag -__- unfortunately, we also have it integrated into the organ system. the past two weeks were supposedly just an ‘overview’ – gosh. so much for that. :( huhuhu.

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