How Time Flies

It’s another week of Med School! In particular, it’s Family Medicine and Community-Oriented Medicine Week. This’ll be a busy week, not because of the lessons, but because of all the papers, field trips and extra-curricular work I have to do. =)) Thankfully, that ‘busy’ is promised to come with ‘fun’, so yeah… Let’s do this!

Today, we had sessions on Models of Disease Causation, Natural History of Disease, and the Social Determinants of Health. :) I would say that it’s all pretty interesting, had it not been for the splitting headache that’s been bothering me since yesterday. Otitis media strikes again! Thankfully, thanks to meds, it gradually subsided, enough for me to be my usual, perky self come the afternoon.

It was pretty interesting to read on the success stories of the health care systems in other countries (we read up on four in particular: Brazil, Canada, Cuba, and Thailand). As Dr. Paterno went on to connect our lesson with the system here in the Philippines, I can’t help wondering when we’ll see any progress of our own… I’ll save this serious topic for some other entry. Don’t want to ruin the benign feeling! Haha~! Enjoy it while it lasts, Angeli…

reunited and it feels so good~! :D || IPC Group 2 from LU1-2 with Dra. Lani Nicodemus
reunited and it feels so good~! :D || IPC Group 2 from LU1-2 with Dra. Lani Nicodemus

In other news, we met Dra. Lani Nicodemus again today~! :) I loved having her as a preceptor for IPC back when we were in LU1-2. Not only is she super nice, she is also quite the fashionista! :)) True enough, Ma’am looked pretty amazing today when she gave us a lecture on Natural History of Disease. 

So much for this entry~! Let me go back to writing my novel… Habang may free time at may inspirasyon, dapat lubusin ang pagkakataon! Tomorrow, we’ll be going on a Quiapo Adventure :)) 


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