On Minions and Microbes

Okay, let me just type out this blog entry while I wait for my Tortora and Clinical Microbiology Made Ridiculously Simple download to finish… 

What a nice day this turned out to be! :) It may seem a bit unlikely given the entry title (which will make sense later, dear reader, if you read through this entire entry), but I assure you – today is definitely an affirmation to the fact that sometimes, there truly are days when things will go your way. :)

First, I was able to get some extra zzz’s what with there being no Tuesday Conference this morning. I mean, don’t get me wrong. :) Those chances for extra learning are great, but I’m the type of person who wants to choose which conferences she’ll attend – as in, depending on the topic and the lecturer, it’s easier to make myself go and listen if the topic and/or the lecturer is interesting/appealing. Anyhow, we had the morning lecture at 10am on Introduction to Microbiology and Bacteriology. I have to say that it was a good decision to read ahead last night. Lecture was fine but as with any long and dragging topic ( we were talking about BACTERIA, for crying out loud!), my attention span just couldn’t keep up.

Sisig for lunch after a PAGSAMA UP-PGH Force meeting! Homework! Need to read up on the Derma OSCE again and fix that tutorial ppt. Good news is that I found a copy of Flight OS 203 – The Skin and the Integumentary System with the bonus Connecting Flight featuring the Derma OSCE in my LU3 folders. Yey~! (A ‘Flight’ is a reviewer I make regarding a particular lesson topic. I used to make quite a number of them during the start of LU3, but when the lessons started flooding, well… Let’s just say that all the flights got delayed and eventually, cancelled.) 

It was MicroBio lab session in the the afternoon and whoopie~! We got to look at microbe specimens as well as prepare our gram stain slides! Now, while this may be old stuff to our other classmates, I, who didn’t have Microbio in MedImproper as well as in HS, was very interested in the whole ‘Let’s Prepare the Gram Stain!’ idea. The whole step-by-step process was easy enough to understand, thanks to Dr. Lota and my amazing groupmates.

I am very proud to say that I successfully prepared my slide of Staphylococcus aureus – Gram positive bacteria (purple under the microscope!), seen as grape-like clusters. :> Oh yeah~! Sad to say that I forgot to take a picture =)) We were so in the hurry to finish up the lab work, so we could hit McDonald’s!

Why McDo? Well, it has something to do with these yellow fellows…

HOORAY FOR THE MINIONS! :)) I got me a Stuart~! He looks very much at home with the Pikachu! Haha! Ayaw sa yellow, Angeli?! :)) So cuuuute!

The Pikachu look very happy to see Stuart~! :D Yey! So cuuute!
The Pikachu look very happy to see Stuart~! :D Yey! So cuuute!

After our ‘second childhood’ display at McDo, I bid my groupmates farewell to, as “Queen” Reg said, do some ‘big girl’ grocery shopping :)) I forgot to buy bread and milk yesterday, so yeah… Can’t survive a long night of studying without any milk!

So this blog entry has obviously gone more on the ‘Minion’ side rather than the ‘Microbe’ one! You can’t resist the cuteness! 

Oh look, my download’s finished! And so is this entry! :D Time to study~! Let’s do well on those exams~! :D Fighting! 

BANANAAAAA~! POTATOOOOO~! :)) OH! And LECHOOON! PAGSAMA freshie party tomorrow~! Can’t wait! :D #izgonnabealongweek


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