Just Another Bad Case of Indecisiveness

Post-Patho exam status: Ghad, I hate myself!

Okay, so we just had the first exam of second year MedProper yesterday on Pathology and let me just say that I blame myself for a lot of things! See, the exam was hard (that’s a given for all exams in the UP College of Medicine, I’m afraid), but the thing is… it is also answerable. If my testmanship skills were any better, I’m certain I would have gotten a lot more points. See, it often happens that I end up with the dilemma of having to choose between 2 of the 4 options. I dunno – that’s just the thing. Both of those options seem right to me and when I finally force myself to make a decision – listen to your gut/heart/soul time, I inevitably land with the wrong answer. To make things worse, sometimes, because I can’t seem to make up my mind, I change my response and forever regret the decision of not sticking with my first and CORRECT answer.

SO UNFAITHFUL. Ayan tuloy. Karma.

Oh well. At this point, the only thing I can do is hope and pray that the results will still turn out well. >.< #tiwalalang

The afternoon was a lot better. :) I started with my Liason Officer duties for IDC 212 a.k.a Research and though it’s a little toxic making the trip to and from the Clinical Epidemiology Department office, I’m pretty ok with my job. Prof. Cordero seems like a really nice person :D With a coordinator like her, I think it’ll be a great semester for LU4 and Research. :)

The Clingy people take on the challenge of Unli-YangChow at the Super Bowl of China as a detox activity. Oh Lord. My stomach. Nawork out ang mga rugae! :)) Congratulations to the contenders! Nag-enjoy ako kahit hanggang 3 lang ako – it pales in comparison to our champion, Jemuh, who finished with 10! And since there’s always space for dessert, we went for ice cream at McDonald’s – libre ni Yna! :) Yey!

Clingy People at the Super Bowl || Unli-YangChow!
Clingy People at the Super Bowl || Unli-YangChow!
Dessert~! || Special thanks to the Yna funds!
Dessert~! || Special thanks to the Yna funds!

We stopped by Tom’s World for some games afterwards. I wasn’t able to attend the acquaintance party with the freshmen that same night, but am thankful to be home just the same. Saya mag-detox with awesome people~! Nakakalimutan talaga ang mga problema!

And now… let the 3-day weekend begin! :) I swear to make up for my indecisiveness by giving the next few days all I’ve got!


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