Shock (No, It Ain’t the End!)

I just finished reading Chapter 4 of our Patho best friend, Robbins, entitled Hemodynamic Disorders, Thromboembolic Diseases and Shock. And as a well -deserved break from this shocking exam coverage, I will vent out my thoughts and rantings through this blog entry, lest I risk the annoyance and irritation obstruct any chance of me finishing all my readings. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to make this ranting a short one or else I really won’t be able to finish all the transes and chapters. -___- 

Anyhow, today was an okay day for learning. It started out pretty panicky though, considering that I woke up at 6AM and then decided that it was way too early to get up and begged another 5-min of sleep, only to wake up two hours later – almost late for the lecture. Thank God the lecturer was late and that I am able to take 5-min showers and that I live just across campus. So many blessings~! We had a very lengthy – veeeeeeeeeery lengthy. ‘Di kinaya ng willpower ko ang makinig from 8-12. May gap ang memory ko about the lecture. :)) I have no idea how the bacterial infections lecture ended and how the viral infections one started. LOL.) – discussion. And I don’t know whether to be happy or not about the fact that the prof kept telling life stories as a sort of filler – on one part, it made such a heavy topic seem lighter and added a bit of comedy, but on the other part, it took up so much time that we extended up to half the time of our lunch break.

Lab was relatively better than that Lec period. :) Let me just say that Dr. Andrew Dimacali is awesome beyond words. Not only is he ridiculously good at explaining things that are complicated, he’s also very nice and approachable, extremely open to helping us with the slides as well as answering all our questions. You rock, sir! :D  A resident taught us the gross part for Inflammation and Repair and let me just say that he teaches really well too! And the fact that he exudes a certain charm ain’t bad at all. Just makes it even easier to capture the hearts attention of the students. Ahihihi. :”>

And now, it’s Patho studying all night long! Just a few hours ago, Manila was struck by an earthquake. It was my first time experiencing a tremor – at first, I thought I was imagining things, what with all this crazy studying and all, but the social networks all confirmed the truth. Talk about shock. It seems like the Earth is telling me to hurry up and study my heart out. In Dr. Dimacali’s words, “Is it too much to ask for you to sleep after 1am? You should study Pathology every day!” 

Well, it helps that Pathology is a lot more interesting than all the normal Anatomy and Physiology we studied last year. :)) Haha. Unfortunately, ‘more interesting’ is usually accompanied by ‘more difficult’. Oh well!

Lez do dis. Now where did I put my highlighter… 

#startLU4right #lovepathology


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