Magical: Welcome Class 2018!

Who knew organizing freshman orientation programs was so exhausting? Yesterday, June 6, the UP College of Medicine officially welcomed its newest batch of freshmen in the persons of Class 2018 (incoming first year-proper / LU3) and Class 2020 (INTARMED LU1).

We of Class 2017 were the ones in charge of the FOP (Freshmen Orientation Program) this year. The FOP Core Committee did a pretty awesome job, getting sponsors, securing venues, preparing materials, running this way and that, practically sacrificing their summer all for the sake of having an explosive welcome for our buddies of Class 2018. We settled on having a Harry Potter theme this year and let me just say that it turned out to be pretty MAGICAL. :D

I did my part by heading the team of MEDISINA 2018 Edition, the magazine primer that featured articles of advice and tips, designed to not only entertain but inform the freshmen of what they were entering. :) I hope the primer’ll serve you guys well! We certainly worked hard on that!

Yesterday was so tiring! I don’t even know what happened during the FOP Proper, considering I was worrying over two things. See, on the same day, we also had our enrollment as well as the Tambay Hop, wherein the different organizations had to present topics about Med life and also, promote themselves. Well, heading an org certainly is no easy task, but still…

I have reason to believe the ‘struggling journalists’ of UP Medics did a pretty awesome job during Tambay Hop yesterday! I think we handled the topics of LadyMed and Mediscene pretty well and also represented our publication in an okay way. I’m psyched at having people show interest in joining us (we could always use more correspondents! :) ), though even more showed wanting at the mention of “Death by Chocolate”, our welcoming party for freshies. :) So, thank you, thank you to my dear members – the amazing Jana, Kuya Sed, Ate Reg, Jan, JB, and Avie – for the success of yesterday! We still have 3 more freshie programs to prepare for! Kaya ‘to!

The day certainly left me exhausted – imagine! I still had to face the long lines of enrollment while speaking nonstop about UP Medics :)) Next time, admin, sana hindi na po magkasabay ang enrollment ng orienting batch sa mismong orientation day. Nakakaguluhanan lang po talaga!

I sincerely welcome Class 2018 and Class 2020 to the UPCM community! This’ll be a blast! :)

In other news, the academic year officially starts on June 10. helLU4 na! And to top it off, we have an assignment to present first thing! Gah! I love you, UP Med! :D 


3 thoughts on “Magical: Welcome Class 2018!

  1. Hi,

    I was browsing blogs by Intarmed students/grads and I chanced upon yours. :) It’s great to see that people from Imed continue to keep blogs. :) I entered college as a member of Class of 2008 (Intarmed Batch 2001) but like many from that class (and the class before), I chose to not continue with the program. I was the last leave, actually.

    It feels rather strange to see that you are from Class of 2017 – a full 9 years apart from my college batch! Well, you’re almost there. The halfway mark is within sight! :) Good luck.


    1. Hello po! :) Thank you for dropping by my blog! Intarmed is really a challenge – as of now, we also have someone who’s already chosen to leave the program :) it’s sad, but i think it’s way better than having a person force themselves into something that they already know it’s going to work for them.
      i hope i’m right in thinking that you’re doing very well now, sir! us, well despite being halfway through the already shortened 7-years, we still have a long way to go. :)
      again, thank you!

  2. I guess you could say that. We recently had a Buddy Line Reunion last Friday. I guess your classmate from my line would be Aldric Reyes. Cool guy.

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