1000 Salita

This isn’t really a poem but is poetic enough to merit a post this month. Also, it’s an old one but I’ve decided to share it. Back in the 2nd year of HS, we were required to translate an English song of our choice to Filipino and also, sing it live in front of the class. Quite the experience, but I believe I’ve come up with something pretty decent. 

The Original:

1000 Words (from Final Fantasy X-2) – Jade from Sweetbox

I know that you’re hiding things

Using gentle words to shelter me

Your words were like a dream

But dreams could never fool me

Not that easily


I acted so distant then

Didn’t say good-bye before you left

But I was listening

You’ll fight your battles far from me

Far too easily


“Save your tears ’cause I’ll come back.”

I could hear that you whispered as you walked through that door

But still I swore

To hide the pain when I turn back the pages

Shouting may have been the answer.

What if I cried my eyes out and begged you not to depart?

But now, I’m not afraid to say what’s in my heart


‘Cause a thousand words

Call out through the ages

They’ll fly to you

Even though I can’t see,

I know they’re reaching you,

Suspended in silver wings


Oh, a thousand words

One thousand embraces

Will cradle you

Making all of your weary days seem far away

They’ll hold you forever


Ang Salin – Filipino:

1000 Salita

Alam ko’y naglilihim ka

Tila niyayakap ng iyong salita

Mistulang panaginip

Pero ‘di naman malilinlang

‘Di ganoon kadali


Ako’y lumayo sa’yo

‘Di man lang sa’yo nagpaalam

Ngunit, nakikinig

Haharapin ang mundong magkalayo

Ganoon lang kadali.


“Huwag kang umiyak, ako’y babalik.”

Ito’y bulong nang ikaw ay paalis.

Ako nama’y nangako

Ang sakit ay siyang itatago

Pagsigaw ba’y kasagutan?

Ako na lang kaya’y umiyak nang ‘di  ka lumisan?

Ngunit ngayon, ‘di na ako takot na sabihin ang damdamin


Isang libong salita

Tumatawag sa panahon

Lilipad sa’yo

‘Di ko man pagmasdan

Alam ko’y nasa iyo

Nabiting pangarap


Isang libong salita

Isang libong yakap

Ika’y iduduyan

Mga malungkot mong araw ay ilalayo

Sila’y laging nasa iyo.


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