For us who’ve moved on and said farewell



Won’t you come and say you feel the same?

Say it and set my lonely heart aflame.

Unbearable is this silence.

Unthinkable is your absence.


You’ve always been there, watching from afar,

Withdrawn, reserved, but that’s just how you are.

It’s what it’s been like from the start.

It’s what’s tearing my soul apart.


The questions flow endlessly from my mind.

Did you really mean to leave me behind?

You used to be here, but where are you now?

Will you truly break your long-time vow?


Dear, I won’t chase after you as you run,

As you escape and leave me completely undone.

And though I’ll eternally keep asking why,

I know it’s best if we now part and say good-bye.


– National Poetry Month –


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