Holding On

Ah. And all of a sudden, it gets all busy… Apparently, the HD 201 days were some sort of calm before the storm. Everyone – from the profs, the preceptors, the org heads, the event heads – just decided to dump everything on the near end of the school year. Siiiiiiiiigh.

Anyhow, we’re currently on the Pedia Module of HD 202 and I feel like I’m stepping into my mom’s world. Not only are we going to use her textbook (listed reference for our module) that I’ve seen lying around the house growing up, and incidentally made a victim of my childhood doodling tendencies (my rough, shaky pencil writing of ‘Susan’ is still very much apparent on the side on the book), but also we’ll be having kids over in the classroom later. We’ll be observing the changes over the different developmental stages. I only wish they’d be cooperative and stay their cute selves, but Dr. Reyes has already warned us of the kids tending to be too much cooperative, wanting to show us how ‘temper tantrums’ were done.

This week’s filled with Pedia lectures, PE demos, SGDs, the Miting de Avance, the USC & MSC Elections, and Mediscene! It’s gonna be quite the blast. Plus, the remaining days of the month will be a landslide of lectures and exams, the last stretch before the finals week and much dreaded Compre exam and our research defense, the last of our LU 3 requirements.

If you’re wondering how I’ve been doing since, well, since the Age of Trial and Confusion, I can tell you that I’m doing better. What with everyone else in my family doing better, and I am free of the burden of guilt, shame and doubt, I can say that I’m happy. Maybe it just wasn’t for me. Maybe this is how I should be. Maybe it just needed to serve as a learning experience for me to realize the importance of today and now.

Anyway, summer is just around the corner! I’ve got so many nonacademic books waiting for me – such a huge reading pile, looking forward to a summer of reading, writing, driving(!), and relaxing.

Hold on! MALAPIT NA!


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