Trust Me, I’m [Going to Be] a Doctor

It’s Friday once again! Wow. What a week that was. As surprised I am by how fast it went, I’m very thankful for the coming of the weekend. Not that it’ll give me a break from studying (the Histology exam on Monday makes it so I can’t not study), but because I got to go home. Sure, I’ve more or less gotten very used to living at the condo, but nothing beats the comfort of your home sweet home, where I’m in the presence of the people I love the most.

Anyhow, let me take this opportunity to give a backtrack of the past week. MedSchool toxicity makes it so I no longer have time to update my journal or even my planner, so I have to make do with chronicling my Med life here in this blog, even if it can only come in a weekly basis.

MONDAY, Sept. 24 – For the morning, it was the OS 201 Genetics exam! Gah. And I thought I studied. Seriously. :| How our professors manage to create such difficult questions remain a mystery to me. As if ‘di pa ako nasanay sa kahirapan ng mga eksam. Haaay naku. Come the afternoon, we had a lengthy lecture on Adult and Pediatric Cardio Correlates. And because it was so lengthy, well… I couldn’t help dozing off. Haha. Wala. Magbabasa na lang po ako! Upon our dismissal, Yna, AJ and I went over to Sha’s unit at VDM, and the four of us had a blast watching To the Beautiful You. :)

TUESDAY, Sept 25Epidemiology lecture in the morning! The afternoon session was what really defined this day! We had pediatric patients over and were able to do history taking and basic PE on them. We were able to listen to the murmurs that defined some of the heart conditions we had taken up in class, including Patent Ductus Arteriosus, Ventricular Septal Defect and Rheumatic Heart Disease. My heart goes out to the children we met as well as the others who are in their same predicament. Congenital heart diseases are truly an alarming matter. I admire the way the children still manage to smile, despite what they’re going through. My prayers are with them and their families. Seeing patients like them remind me why I want to become a doctor in the first place.

WEDNESDAY, Sept 26 Histology Blood lab for the first half of the day and well, I was kinda disappointed we weren’t made to make fresh samples. We had to make do with the prepared blood and bone marrow smear slides. I was never one to like viewing slides on a microscope but in fairness to us, the amazing MDL 9, we were able to view what we needed to – oo, kayo na, Teacher Reg at Master Marvin! :) Come the afternoon, it was finally time for our research proposal presentation. As luck (insert sarcasm here) would have it, our group got to go last. It went pretty ok, I guess, though we have some things to keep in mind as to the comments of the panel, including our own mentor. I’m still a bit confused about this and that when it comes to our research –  I can’t exactly be blamed, considering we never had to do research back in iMed years, unlike the people who took the 4- or 5-year PreMed courses – but thanks to the expertise of some really amazing people in our group (most especially the expert researcher/geneticist, Yna!), we’re doing pretty good, if I do say so myself.

THURSDAY, Sept. 27 – Yey~ Another preceptorial session! Pulmo PE this time and we had over a COPD patient. I was given the opportunity to do the auscultation part and was able to appreciate the decreased breath sounds. ;) O di ba? Super feeling doktor na! Then, we had return demos, practicing on each other. Marz and I did okay, I guess, though it was pretty hard to listen to the breath sounds and percussion sounds when the room was so noisy. :) Still, I had fun! Dra. Tan was pretty cool, too! In other news, I got my copy of The Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling today~ But unfortunately, since I’m a very busy Med student, I have to resist the temptation and opt to read it come sembreak. Sembreak, come soon! The evening was for crunch time – clinical correlations for the thorax!

FRIDAY – And yeah, today. :) I had the morning free since it was the turn of the other half of the class to do the Pulmo PE preceptorial session. 1PM, we had our OS 205 exam. And, guess what? YUP. It was super difficult once again! :| Especially notable was the matching type part on the heart conditions and their corresponding murmurs. Intense lang talaga. Intense!

Thank God the week is over! Med School is awesome :) Though the exams are so killer and it’s just so difficult even to earn a passing mark, I am very much enjoying myself. Sanayan lang talaga. Babawi ako ng bonggang-bongga once I get my drive back. ;)

To end this entry, I leave you with the link to the online version of the UP Medics January – June 2012 issue (released at last!)  – Be informed and visit UP Medics online! :)


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