One Step Further

It’s Friday once again. And this particular Friday marks the end of our chill week; that is, the miraculous once-in-UPCM-lifetime week in which we had no exams. Next week, it’s back to reality once again as we prepare for the landslides of exams – OS 205 and 201, baybeh!

Quite honestly, I had wanted to spend this week in early preparation for the exams to come. That is, not to make it totally chill and to take one step ahead of my usual deal of just studying a couple of days prior to the exam itself. However, it was never meant to be…

MONDAY – Awesome Physical Exam and History Taking session ~ BP apps and Stets and the complicated thing that is the Heart. Come the evening, I slept early and well, slept…

TUESDAY – IDC 202 Patient Interview Day! I think I did OK, but hearing something like that from a patient can truly boggle your mind and make you forget about a couple more things that you should have asked. Haha. Congratulations to Class 2017’s debate team who ended up as CHAMPIONS in the Cross-Talk medical debates sponsored by MSC iSTRAWBS! Anatomates bonding at Wendy’s~!

WEDNESDAY – The entire day is a blur to me for the evening is all I can think about, what with the amazing Phantom of the Opera experience in CCP! Awesome show! Not so awesome seats. Awww… The guy who played the Phantom was simply amazing! I’d love to watch the show again with better seats hopefully… If only I had the time and the money!

THURSDAY – How Dr. Sison managed to finish 15 pages worth of transes in a lecture that lasted more or less only 2 hours is a mystery to me, but hey! Half-days are always very welcome in the lives of the socially-deprived UP Med students. It was Clingy Handgroup bonding over at lunch in KFC, DDR with Amiel, LadyJed costume and prop making (well, I just sat there, being admittedly useless when it comes to arts and crafts. Moral support na lang!), and iMed buddy line dinner. All in all, an awesome, awesome day~

And today, FRIDAY – Well, Dr. Quintos certainly is nice, but for some reason, I just couldn’t get myself to stay awake during his lecture. Sure, I tried to listen, even tried to take down notes at the start, but no. No. There was no escape to the invisible force that seemed to pull my eyes shut.

Tonight, I’m going to try again. Better get studying.

Tomorrow, it’s hello MANILA INTERNATIONAL BOOK FAIR~! <3 And yeah, I’ll probably end up doing nothing again. Haha.


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