Harder to Breathe

“Is there anyone out there? ‘Cause it’s getting harder and harder to breathe…” – Maroon 5

Post OS 205 hell day. And even after one of my favorite past times (book shopping), I still feel uneasy. Why? Well, I spent the entire week in tireless study, trading sleep for late night dates with Moore, Guyton, Berne and Levy, and even Acland, plus all those lengthy transes. And for what? Yet another pair of exams that made me feel so freakin’ stupid!

Ghad. I really feel like I failed that lab exam. And let’s not even talk sbout the lec one. I wonder how it is the profs manage to make things so difficult. It’s like you’re not even allowed to pass anymore.

All of a sudden, I remember those days in HS when my classmates would ask me what my secret is, that is to getting satisfying results in the exams. I would reply with a smile, “Just study.” Well, well, Angeli of the past… I certainly studied my heart out, but it isn’t even enough to pass anymore…

For now, I can only pray and hope for the best. The good news is that there are still 2 exams left in which I can save myself from the removals. Sigh.

That MD degree seems so far, far away…


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