Absolutely No Chemistry

Talk about oversaturated.

Four days of non-stop studying for our OS 201 – Biochemistry, Metabolism Part – exam just weren’t enough to prepare us for what we had to face earlier this morning. Haaay. Intense lang talaga. Grabe. Exam pa bang matatawag ‘yun?! Shocking. Sana lang po talaga ay umabot ako sa passing. >___< Please, Lord!

Anyway, pagkatapos nung exam ay IDC 211 – Research Preceptorial Session (Ewan, basta ‘yun. As usual, wala nanaman akong gets. Kasi naman, ganyan ang napapala ng mga hindi nag-thesis nung undergrad. Ay teka, wala nga pala kaming undergrad. Haaay.) at Bulletin Board making with the rest of the 2017 Publicity and Documentation committee. Finishing touches na lang ;) Good job, everyone!

Whew. For now, it’s chill time once again. Relax. The calm before another coming storm, the combined OS 205 Lec and Lab exam Friday next week. Whew… And in between today and that dreaded Friday, it’s org stuff and Lady Med stuff for me. Woooooooo.

And hopefully, I’ll be able to get some writing done :)

Now, excuse me while I rewatch one of my favorite anime of all time: Lovely Complex <3 :)) LoveCom, hindi ka talaga nakakasawang panuorin! Risa <3 Otani forevah!


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