Flight OS 204

This entry comes a bit late, but in my defense, now’s the only time I get to write another blog entry.

OS 204 deals with the Head and Neck. That includes the eyes, the ears, the oral cavity and palate, the skull, the pharynx and the larynx. Now, before the long weekend officially kicked in (no classes today and tomorrow on account of the end of Ramadan and Ninoy Aquino Day), we had one hell of a lab exam. I studied all day and all night all week, but still, come the dreaded time, it still felt like I didn’t study at all. Gah. Med School. Always drains every bit of self-esteem that you have in your system.

Well, another exam – the written one, this time – is coming up this Thursday, so I get to spend the free days studying. Siiiiigh. I only hope that everything I’m doing now will be enough to grant me a passing grade come the end of the sem. Oh Lord! Gusto ko po maging doktor! Tulungan Niyo po kami pumasa!

In other news, I finally got my iPad! <3 I'm actually using it now, writing this blog entry, so forgive me for any errors and what not, given that I'm still getting used to it. :)

So it's study, study, and study for me… And a few more other errands in between.
Wish me luck! Flight OS 204 isn't quite ready to land yet.


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