Nobody said it was easy…

You just sang that blog entry title, didn’t you? Haha. Tuloy na natin!

Nobody said it was easy
No one ever said it would be this hard
Oh, take me back to the start...
                             - 'The Scientist', Coldplay

Go ahead and mentally sing the rest of the song while you continue reading another one of my rantings. ‘The Scientist’ is one of my favorite songs of all time and indeed, the above lyrics perfectly signify the events of yesterday.

The last stretch of Flight OS 203 consisted of two exams – 1 Lecture exam on the Lower Extremities and the overwhelming Lab Exam that covered everything there is on Gross Anatomy and Histology. An entire day of objective evaluation Talk about a turbulent flight.

I spent the entire week laboriously studying for said exams and still, come the morning of July 27, Friday, I still couldn’t say that I was ready. And then, it finally began…

The OS 203 Lec Exam on the Lower Extremities – Intense. Doc Bundoc, what kind of questions were those?! -___- He wasn’t kidding when he said we were going to get killed by semantics – superio-medially, superio-laterally, antero-medially, posterio-laterally. Ah ghad. Nahihilo, nalilito, nalilito, nahihilo… What a mind blowing exam. My feelings after are mixed – I might pass, then again, I might not…

The OS 203 Lab Exam – OK. I definitely failed this one. 150 questions, muscles, nerves, arteries, x-rays, bones, microscopy, ligaments, and what not. I died. I wasn’t prepared for that level of difficulty. Welcome to UP Med, baby! It was a long and tiring exam, and there came a point wherein I thought to myself, “Ayaw ko na. Matapos na lang ‘to, please. ‘Di ko na kaya…” Waw. And right after we finish, Doc Reyes goes on and says, “The answer key is already posted downstairs…” O___O Wth. No way am I going to ruin my weekend on confirming what I already assume to be true! A small hint of hope will be good to keep me going. AY BASTA. IT’S OVER.

– A moment of silence for UPCM Class 2017 – With prayer and perseverance, we will get through this grief and tragedy. 2017, *insert class cheer here*!-

What a day! The iSpays Girls enjoyed milk tea and yogurt at A-Gan Tea/Qoola at RobMan, sharing rantings, complaints, “OMG-I-am-definitely-going-to-fail” feelings, etc. Detox with four of my favorite girls <3 Makes me feel better every time. :)

The rains were just starting to fall when I met up with Mom at UT and we headed off back to Quezon City. Traffic, we meet again. We headed straight to Cubao where we were met by Dad and Chino. Family Movie Detox Time, featuring The Dark Knight Rises – Wooh! Great film! Anne Hathaway, I am sorry I ever doubted your being cast into this movie. You were awesome!  Buuuut… The moment I heard the line “There’s a vertebra protruding from your back…”, I immediately thought SPONDYLOLISTHESIS. Ay. Med life.

More Angeli time today. :)

I’ll get started with BioChem tonight.

Or tomorrow.


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