How I Met My First Patient (UPCM 2017’s Derma OSCE)

Today definitely marked one of the milestones in my life as a Med student. The pressure has been with me over the past couple of days; the dread and anxiety building up until finally this day arrived – the day of the OS 203 – Dermatology Module written exam and the OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination). This was our first exam in Medicine with the exception, of course, of the one that dealt with the course on the Philippine Health Care System (HS 201).

As per tradition, the LU III students of the UP College of Medicine get to don their uniforms for the first time for the said exam. Today was definitely a big day! I had to spend quite some time staring at my own reflection, absolutely astounded by the image of me finally wearing white. But the excitement immediately died down as the inevitable eventually dawned upon me – exam time. And I was, in no way, confident enough.

But, confident or not, it was game time come 8AM. I was part of the 1st batch – written exam first, then OSCE.Oh mehn. Kinakabahan talaga ng grabe! At hindi nakatulong ang lamig ng BSLR-E ah. 

The written exam basically covered everything that was lectured to us. What made it difficult was the part about the diseases – akala ko ba we weren’t expected to know these yet @___@as well as the parts that covered the topics we missed, given the suspension of classes last Tuesday. The Kodachrome part was okay -thanks to the Mu Review yesterday! I gave up on the stuff I didn’t know sooner than I normally would have and I just sat here, fighting off sleep and shivering in the cold.

Pass the papers! Pass the questionnaires! Line up! – The first part was over. Now came the OSCE. It was in this Derma OSCE that we meet our first patients as well as the first time we ever conduct a Physical ExaminationNerve-wracking! All this after just one month in the college!

An account of my Derma OSCE experience: The wait at the 2nd floor corridors of Calderon Hall just outside the HistoLab where the OSCE was ongoing was unbearable. The first 15 were let in and every time one finishes, the next person is given his/her turn. I am officially 54th in our class list, so… Yeah. Quite the waiting time.

Or not. It went a lot faster than I expected. The people just kept disappearing inside one-by-one while people also exited, either with a smile on their face or a panicked ‘Oh-my-God-I-can’t-believe-I-forgot-that!’ expression.

When my turn finally came, I was directed to Station 7 with a Derma resident. Whew. And so it began. The start went pretty well, I guess. And of course, first rule of any medical examination, there is an absolute need for doctor-patient confidentiality. And thus, I place no details about my patient here in this entry :) What I can tell you, dear readers, is that the resident assigned to me was very nice. She even directed me towards the stuff that I failed to mention, urging me to take another look. The mental check list I made in my head was gone the moment I started with the PE. But overall, I think it went well. :) I even enjoyed the experience of it!

And just like that, it was over. I am extremely thankful for our cramming and OSCE practice session at UT-21D last night :) Definitely helped! Let’s do that again, guys – only, next time, can we opt for not doing it the NIGHT BEFORE the exam itself? :))

Anna and I celebrated the end of our Derma module over lunch at BonChon chicken at dessert at WhiteHat. Then, it was lectures in the afternoon.

Also by tradition, the LU III class, all its members in white, pose in front of the PGH facade by the PGH Oblation Plaza for a class picture. :) Took us quite a while to fit everyone in, but here it is: (photo courtesy of John Tanchuco’s cam)

University of the Philippines College of Medicine
Class of 2017

Looking good everyone! :) We’ll be slaves of this Med fashion for the next four years! Hahaha~

Oh. And while we were at it, the INTARMED Class of 2017 (well, some of us…) posed for a pic too: (courtesy of Shari Altamera’s cam)

INTARMED Class of 2017 ~ finally in white!

And here’s a shot of my IDC handgroup – we’ll probably be ‘together forever’ for the groupworks and SGDs~ yey! :) Oo na. Ako na ang bunso ng grupo… Haha. (courtesy of Reg Estrada’s cam)

IDC Group… er, ano nga bang group number natin? =)) haha

2017, ___________! *we really have to decide on a class cheer soon! :))*


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