The Road to LU 3 (On Entering MedProper)

I still remember the day when I first got the news that my name was in the list of candidates for the UP seven-year INTARMED program, which is basically an accelerated course that shortens medical education by two years. It came as a surprise, certainly – who would have thought, right? Me? In UP? And INTARMED at that? Down right unbelievable.  My parents were ecstatic,  so ecstatic that come the very next day after we got the news, we headed straight to UP Manila after my classes to get those application forms.

I still remember the interview day. I had to pass on our class retreat that fell on the same day and opt to join another class the following week. I had absolutely no idea what to expect. This was a long shot, so I just thought, “Come what may, fine! I’ll just answer honestly, speak out whatever comes to mind. If I get in, OK. If I don’t, well, it’s OK still.” UP was never my first plan, but something like INTARMED isn’t something you just skip and ignore.

I still remember the day it became official. For some reason, the interview went OK and the admission committee apparently think that I have what it takes. While Mom and Dad, as well as all of our family friends who knew what INTARMED is, were giddy with excitement, I remained in disbelief. OMG. College na. At ano ba ‘tong papasukan kong INTARMED? Tama ba ‘to?

the results in black and white || seeing this was what made my decision.

Being part of INTARMED – or iMed as we call it – Class of 2017 was all that I expected and more. For our two years of PreMed, we experienced all sorts of ups and downs, laughter and tears, hard work and perseverance. But, it didn’t feel like two years at all – well, during those hell weeks, it certainly felt like centuries of cruel torture, but really! It was over before we knew it.

And now, we face the ultimate countdown – the last few days before we officially enter MedProper. Am I ready? No way. I don’t think any kind of preparation is going to prepare me for what is to come. Enrollment and the UPCM orientation are over and done with; our 2016 buddies have also welcomed us with a bang;  I’ve fit the uniform, got one of my nameplates, and even have books already – there they are piled up and looking absolutely intimidation; but still the thought lingers – is this really happening?

Yes, it definitely is.

The Road to LU 3 continues on Monday, come the Freshmen Welcoming ceremonies at UPD, and on Wednesday with the official College of Medicine Opening Ceremonies.

Welcome to the -REAL- UP College of Medicine, Class 2017! 


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