(i)Spiced Up Summer: Day Six

This part of (i)Spiced Up Summer deals with Day Six of our trip. This time, we’re in Bacolod! Again, pictures are all courtesy of Hardcore Mami (Shari Altamera) and Awesome CoHead (Ithran Kho).

Day Six: Friday, April 20, 2012

Another early rise! We took the first trip of the SuperCat ferry to Bacolod!

Mambukal Resort – We visit this place not for the resort, but for the waterfalls! But along with the beautiful sights is the intense climb! Up, up, and up! I thought it would go on forever, honestly. =)) A tour guide – and children working towards being tour guides – led us through the trail and to the waterfalls. There were seven all in all, but we only got to see the first, second, third, and sixth waterfalls. This was because the pathway to the  fourth waterfall had been destroyed by the past landslide that hit the area while the fifth could already be seen from the sixth and the seventh was found a good distance further than we would have liked to walk.

another hanging bridge? :))
the first waterfall :)
the sign greets us on our arrival at the second waterfall
don’t let the smiles fool you – er, Micah’s face, however, reflects it all! we’re all pretty tired by this time || at the third waterfall
i told you the climbs were intense
the sixth waterfall, at last~!
i’d say the climb was worth it. just look! Nature’s wonders are truly amazing. :)

Balay Negrense – Next, we visit this ancestral house turned museum in Silay City. I don’t really remember much of what the tour guide said, so I’ll let this description do it for me, source cited, of course:

“The house is a later and more airy version of the bahay na bato. The first floor, raised from the damp earth is pierced by windows that make the interior brighter than older houses. The first floor is no longer just a storage space but large foyer which leads to rooms and offices. The lower floor connects to the upper story through a grand staircase. The upper floor has bedrooms flanking the living room. To the rear is the dining hall and kitchen. The upper story is made of wood with generous ventanillas that allow air to circulate throughout the house. The house has been furnished with furniture and appurtenances donated by various persons. (http://www.ateneo.edu/offices/mirlab/panublion/r6_silbalay.html)

Balay Negrense – feeling like the sugar tycoons who used to own the place :))
In those times, we – the girls, in particular – would have been reprimanded like crazy by our elders if we were caught by the windows like this. || “Iha! Hindi ka ba nag-iisip? Umalis ka d’yan sa bintana at baka kung sinong makakita sa’yo! Nagpapaligaw ka ba?!”

We head to Bob’s, deemed Bacolod’s favorite restaurant, for lunch. And I’ll let the following picture show just how intense our food trips are:

wow. just wow. :)) || the Family Wagon. Yuuuum~

Next, we visit a place called The Ruins in Talisay City. Now, here was a place I would have loved to have known about for my Pre-Debut pictorial – then again, it’s found all the way in Negros Occidental, so maybe I would have stuck with La Mesa Eco Park anyway… Beautiful. Simply beautiful. What was left of the structure that Don Mariano Lacson built still reflected the grandeur that the original mansion had. The concrete was especially made such that it’s texture resembled that of marble. Now, in such a beautiful place, would you really expect us to miss a chance at a photo shoot? Of course not!

*insert awestruck gasps and expressions of wonder here*
we still can’t get that fierce look down, i see…
i assure you. this picture was not, in anyway, manipulated using Photoshop or any similar applications. :)
we couldn’t resist a jump shot :))

the brown butanding has turned into a… horse?! =))

We had a few more stops in Bacolod, like the Provincial Lagoon, Wildlife Reserve, and the Negros Museum, where we learned stuff – for instance, did you know that the province of Negros was the first to achieve independence from the Spanish? And it was done through an intense show of wit and deception! I don’t really remember the exact details, but I do know that it involved the citizens pretending to be soldiers with passing off their farming tools as weapons, so as to make the Spaniards think they were heavily outnumbered and thus, settle on a quick retreat.

Then, we had an awesome dinner waiting for us at Shari’s house and one of my favorite desserts – Tres Leches! Number Three, we reunite at last! 

For the last night of our vacation, we enjoyed a KTV night at the MO2 Annex.  We leave on the afternoon of the next day. :)

How’s that for a spiced-up summer? Awesome experience! :) Thank you to Shari and her family for accommodating us – Tito Butsog and Tita Dids, thank you so much for everything! :) 

-end of Day Six-


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