(i)Spiced Up Summer: Day Five

Though I’m pretty late in my writing, (i)Spiced Up Summer resumes in this  entry that details Day Five of our trip. We arrive in the island of Guimaras and experience the greatness of their world-famous mangoes firsthand! Again, pictures are all courtesy of Hardcore Mami (Shari Altamera) and Awesome CoHead (Ithran Kho).

Day Five: Thursday, April 19, 2012

Every second counts on this adventure trip, so once again, we wake up early and go on a boat ride to the island of Guimaras, practically just across Iloilo, if not a little to the South, if I’m not mistaken.

The drive takes us to see the world’s smallest plaza as we head for the Our Lady of the Philippines Trappist Abbey. It’s a really peaceful place, perfect for meditation and contemplation. Even a chatterbox like me would feel inclined to appreciate the silence there. Seemed like a great place to write. :) We stopped by their chapel and shop. Bought some mango bars – basically, butterscotch with mangoes mixed in –  to take home.

Next up, we head on to Camp Alfredo, a nature adventure camp that offered outdoor activities like a zip line, a hanging bridge, rappelling, and an obstacle course. All of us  opt for the first three that came in a discounted package rate. Fuuuuun~! I applaud my good friend, Jan for facing his fears. Good job, dude!

Posing for the camera after getting properly equipped and ready for the challenges ahead~
how’s that for finally taking flight? :)) only my coveted angel wings are missing… aww. hahaha!
Hanging out on the hanging bridge… Not to Jan’s preference, though :))
a victory shot after the entire course~! good job everyone! XD

Tired, we enjoy a reprieve as well as a filling lunch at Raymen Beach Resort. No swimming this time around. I think we had enough of that back in Boracay. :)

And as if the food there wasn’t enough for us – I tried to spare as much space in my poor stomach as I could, we next accepted the challenge of the Mango-All-You-Can event held for the Manggahan Festival 2012. Swerte na naabutan namin ‘to sa pagbisita namin sa Guimaras! Game! Bring those mangoes on!

before it all begins~ we had no idea… :))
sugod sa mangga, mga kapatid~! || mangoes may be my favorite fruit, but this is just… gaaaaaaaaaaah! :))

Now, there came a time when we just couldn’t take it anymore. So we gave up on eating and just, well… I think that iMed ’17 thing in us – the maeksena thing – awakened. At first, it was just us singing along to the festival jingle that kept playing repeatedly. But then, led by our unbeatable dance diva, Micah, we put on quite a performance! On-the-spot choreography! And, very true to the maeksena reputation of our class, well, we got the attention of everyone else participating in the event as well as the event organizers! I think it means something when I don’t feel any bit embarrassed about what we did; rather, I enjoyed it very much! XD~ No video to post here, though! Sorry! :)

Us with the organizers of the Mango-All-You-Can event at Guimaras || They enjoyed our little performance so much that they gave us complementary mangoes to take home!

Our last stop in Guimaras Island is the famous Balaan Bukid, a pilgrimage site that devout Catholics are known to climb during Holy Week. The van could only go as high, so we walked on foot for the rest of the climb up. Stations of the Cross marked several places of the trail. On the very top is a chapel as well as a beautiful overlooking view.

This chapel marks the finish line of the pilgrimage at Balaan Bukid. :)

Quite a day that was~! :) An experience to remember! Back in Iloilo, we had another one of those intense dinners, this time at Tatoy’s Manukan and Seafoods. No doubt about it – I’ll have to work on losing all the pounds I’ll gain on this trip!

But before that dinner, we hit the Timezone arcade at SM Iloilo and well, had another maeksena moment! Deal or No Deal, iMed style!

We were screaming and attracting the attention of all those other people in the arcade! || And for what? 2 tickets?! =)) Hahaha!

-end of Day Five-


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