(i)Spiced Up Summer: Day Four

Iloilo province – Tito Elias says that’s it is called as such because it is shaped like a nose – “ilong” in Filipino. Cool! :)

(i)Spiced Up Summer continues in this chronicle of Day Four of our trip, which particularly dwells upon our adventures in Iloilo, home of the awesome Shari :). Again, pictures are all courtesy of Hardcore Mami (Shari Altamera) and Awesome CoHead (Ithran Kho).

Day Four: Wednesday, April 18, 2012

We had to get up pretty early the next morning since Tito Elias prepared a lengthy list of places we were to visit. Bonggang mala-field trip day ito! We, along with Kuya Angel, Shari’s family driver, went all around and though it was pretty tiring, being out and under the hot sun and all, it was fun to learn about the culture and history of Iloilo and at the same time, bond with friends. Picture taking galore, of course! XD

The pictures pretty much speak for themselves. I’ll try to put as much commentary in the captions as much as possible. :)

Garin Farm
at the Garin Farm – a jump shot under the pumpkins
I do wonder if I’ll be able to survive living in a bahay kubo… =)) || The Garin Farm has this attraction, surrounded – in perfect order – by all the veggies in the song! :)

There’s this crossroad you soon encounter. Physical vs Spiritual Hunger =)) For the latter….

I think it was a great idea to put this display – though a farm would be the last place I’d expect it to be! || Giant exhibits of prominent Biblical scenes are featured for all to see.
Hanging out with Noah in his famous Ark!
These steps are where the true pilgrimage is at! Unfortunately, due to time constrains as well as the intense heat, we passed on the walk up. :( Great shot though!
SEAFDEC FishWorld – It’s basically a center of aquaculture education and marine life exploration. All sorts of aquatic animals can be viewed in their tanks and I liked their seashell collection – reminds me of a certain Purple Goddess :)).
You won’t find any better-looking sea creatures than those four… LOL. :))
UP Visayas – S’yempre, binisita namin ang campus ng UP dito sa Visayas! Pero…
May pamahiin: Kapag nagpa-picture ka kay Oble, hindi ka-gagraduate on time! Naku, gaiz… :)) || Let’s prove it wrong? Onward to 2017! XD
Miag-ao Church – Here, we met a kindly parishioner by the name of Noel, who shared with us what he knew about the church’s history as well as his photography skills. =)) Puwede, kuya! Puwedeng-puwede!
At Miag-ao Church
This pic provides a closer look at the facade. According to Noel, that’s St. Christopher, depicted carrying the Infant Jesus. :)
The church is beautiful. :) Enough said.

Our other destinations / stops included:

  • San Joaquin Church
  • San Joaquin Cemetery
  • South Park Grill – had lunch here! XD
  • Molo Church
  • Lizares Mansion / Angelicum School
  • Jaro Cathedral (HARUKAAAA! – Ithran)
  • Nelly’s Garden
  • West Visayas State University
  • Lopez Mansions – Pink?!
  • Downtown Iloilo (Iloilo’s very own Binondo)
  • Fort San Pedro
  • St. Paul’s Iloilo – cool. there’s a SPU here too!
  • Dulgies’s – the best cakes I’ve ever tasted in my whole entire life. Their ‘Tres Leches’ remains my Number Three <3 (The Number One and Two slots currently remain unoccupied, just saying :) )
  • Altamera Dental Clinic (and Gift Shoppe!) – one of the best in Iloilo, so I hear :> go Tita Dids!
  • Breakthrough – another intense dinner! wooooh! everyday antihistamine isn’t bad, is it? XD
What remains of the original Jaro Cathedral… Woah. :O

Since even the cemetery front looks great, we posed for a picture! :))

Wooh! It was great seeing the wonders of Iloilo as well as learning a bit about culture (o di ba, educational din itong trip na ‘to!)…  Yet again, we had to sleep early to wake up early tomorrow… More adventure awaits!

-end of Day Four-


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