(i)Spiced Up Summer: Day Three

“Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air.”
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

The third part of (i)Spiced Up Summer details our last day in Boracay! Pictures are, again, courtesy of Hardcore Mami (Shari Altamera) and Awesome Co-Head (Ithran Kho).

Day Three: Tuesday, April 17, 2012

For our last day in Boracay, we decided to spend it island hopping. Well, given the very short amount of time we’re given – the activity lasts for about more or less 4 hours, there was just no way we’d be able to finish up the entire itinerary, but oh well! We tried to make the most out of it. :) In other news, Anna joins her family for their own island hopping today, so we had to say our goodbyes in the morning. Aww.

All aboard the ShantaMae! Well, so much for island hopping, we only made two stops – and one of those stops doesn’t even count as a real stop since we just passed by the island without getting off the boat. Anyhow, at Crystal Cove,   we checked out the caves – with all the stalagmites and stalactites – and my friends checked out the strong waves there. Cave 1 wasn’t as intense as Cave 2, but regardless of that, it was picture taking galore! PRAMIS!

Us aboard the ShantaMae~ *okay. so you can’t really see the boat in this shot*
Crystal Cove
We found these cool chairs in the Crystal Cove resort – they’re shaped like hands!
Drama shot at Cave 1. “Fierce” look daw. Haha~

After Crystal Cove, we went on to Crocodile Island, named so because of its shape. Well, I’m not sure if they really allow people to get off there, but we didn’t. Instead, we moved on to the snorkeling and fish feeding part – which I opted to pass because of my predicament. Instead, I stayed aboard the ShantaMae and enjoyed buko juice, bought from the Manong on the SurfBoardOK ang business mo, Kuya! Panalo!  

Crocodile Island is clearly no misnomer. :)
Manong Buko on the Surfboard! Panalo!

And with our 4 hours over, we head back to Casa Pilar to start packing. We checked-out come 12NN and started off on our roadtrip to Iloilo – Shari’s house. Woooh. The 4-5 hour roadtrip consisted of YellowCab pizza, Porky Pops, Loacker biscuits, attempts at sleeping, stiff necks, backaches, and random conversations. And yes, Jan, awkward moments too! Haha~ Tito and Tita were a riot and I found the “best friends” vibe Shari shared with her parents quite admirable and cute.

When we finally arrived at Shari’s house, a feast was waiting for us! Fried chicken, chicken tinola, shrimp, siomai, practically all beverages you can think of, including ginger ale~ Wooooh! And Deni’s gotten herself a new job: taga-balat ng shrimp! And congratulations Jan for finally learning how to peel shrimp without the use of utensils! Tama ‘yan! Matuto ka mag-kamay! 

Pagod pero ang saya. Whew! :)

-end of Day Three-


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