(i)Spiced Up Summer: Day One

spice up - verb. make more interesting or flavorful 

(i)Spiced Up Summer is a special blog entry, to be made in six parts (after realizing that I won’t be able to fit everything I want to say in a single entry, I settled for making entries for each day), detailing the events of the awesome experience that was the Boracay-Iloilo-Guimaras-Bacolod trip of the iSpays Girls (Shari, Aila, Anna, Angeli, & Denisa) with Jan, Ithran and Micah. Pictures used are all courtesy of Hardcore Mami (Shari Altamera) and Awesome Co-Head (Ithran Kho).

Day One – Sunday, April 15, 2012

The AirportMy day begins with my mom successfully managing to wake me up early after a night of insomnia, brought about by excitement and anticipation. I still can’t believe my parents allowed me to come on this trip! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Anyhow, I make it to the airport pretty early but that does not spare me the long line at the check-in counters of Cebu Pacific down in NAIA Terminal 3. Well, fine! Bring it on! Kaming mga taga-UP, sanay na sanay sa mga pila! Besides, before long, my friends, Aila, Ithran, and Jan arrived and the company was well appreciated. The usual airport rituals commence – check-in luggage, cooperate with  all those security measures, contemplate buying ridiculously expensive airport food (Jan goes for Red Ribbon mamon while I settle for nothing, what with me fine with no breakfast anyway), wait by the terminal gates. I was all smiles by the time we finally boarded the plane, still in disbelief that it was finally happening – this trip that we planned months ago, back when we were all struggling under the clutches of Bio30.

The Airplane Ride – Our 8:25 flight went, more or less, on time. As usual, I pick a window seat – because of my ‘I wish I had wings (angel wings, preferably) and I wish I could fly’ frustration, a frustration all of you must be aware of if you’ve taken a moment to think about my blog URL – but unfortunately, my seat is found by the airplane wing and thus, I cannot fully enjoy the sight of the world below as the plane took off into the sky. The sight of the clouds was more than observable though. Though I was very much enjoying the view outside, my good friend Jan unfortunately was not. Because of a bet he and I made last semester, he has to face his fear of heights and take a window seat for himself. Poor Jan! Aila gets the honor of helping the shaking fellow by offering him a reassuring hand to grasp and crush. Okay, so maybe not crush. Haha. Ithran opts for a quick nap and I, upon getting tired of looking at the clouds, listened to the hotness that is Maroon 5, specifically Adam Levine :”>.

Boracay, at last! – We get to the Caticlan airport a couple of minutes early as per the estimated time of arrival. We meet up with Shari, her parents and Kuya Angel, their driver, and proceeded on our way to the glorious Boracay Island via boat ferry. Woooh~!

the shores of Boracay Island

We checked-in at Casa Pilar down at Station 3 with room assignments as follows: Room 9 (Team Luzon) – Anna, Aila and Angeli; Room 10 (Team VisMin) – Shari, Denisa and Micah; & Room 11 (Team China) – Jan and Ithran. We had yet to meet up with Anna at this time – she arrived in Boracay a day early with her family. Micah also wasn’t there yet, finishing up with YFC activities also in Aklan from the week prior.

Before hitting the beach, we had lunch, courtesy of Tito Butsog and Tita Dids, at the Boracay Regency. BUFFET. My stomach, not used to this kind of eating, was shocked! Little did it know that this was merely the beginning…

Our agenda for the day involved planning for the days that followed. And so, we went and signed up for our Ariel’s Point adventure tomorrow. Problem is that the Boracay Beach Club, which owns the whole Ariel’s Point thing, is found all the way in Station 1, and we actually decided to walk all the way there. Walk. Under the intense heat. Hot. SO HOT. Walk. Walk. Trudge. Force feet to move. – Break by the big rock. – Walk. Walk. Trudge. Force feet to move. 

We eventually make it to Boracay Beach Club and successfully signed up for tomorrow’s adventure! Hoorah! (For details on that, see (i)Spiced Up Summer: Day Two entry *to be linked here upon completion) The long walk under the hot sun tired us out so much that we opted to just rest there for the time being, enjoy some drinks, and play card games. Anna met us there eventually and we eventually made our way back to Casa Pilar – this time, via a trike, Thank God – to change. BEACH! Micah joins us soon, practically appearing out of nowhere! Haha!

iSpays Girls @ Boracay

A highlight of this day would probably be our parao sunset sailing. The roughly one hour of sailing was so relaxing and the view of the Boracay sunset was simply priceless. Though water and I certainly don’t mix well, I enjoyed the sailing. The feel of the wind on your face and the water on your toes was fantastic.

Enjoying the parao sailing...
but these two seemed to have enjoyed it more! :)
the priceless Boracay sunset

Come evening, we have dinner – BUFFET again! (Wooh!) – by the beach, entertained by the talented fire dancers. Afterwards, we had a little heart-to-heart talk while seated in a circle on the sand. Kwentooooooooooooo~ 

And basically, that was it.  We ended the day with bonding sessions back at our rooms in Casa Pilar. :)

– end of Day One –


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