The Love Letters to No One Project

Happy Hearts Day to everyone~! :) I now present to you: Love Letters to No One, my Valentine’s Day project for year 2012!

It is basically my seasonal work for Valentine’s Day 2012. (And right on time, I finished it on no less than Valentine’s Day itself – the 14th of Feburary!) If you ask me for the qualities I would prefer The One to possess, I’d definitely mention something about him being able to write me heartfelt love letters (by the hand, of course). And understandably, the thought of writing love letters myself would come and go every once in a while. Thus, the idea of this project…

Basically, it’s a collection of stories, written in letter form, that tell about the joys and ill of the magic that is love. It features all sorts of people – young people who come as different as they are – who’ve either been touched by that one of a kind emotion or still waiting for its coming but have all resulted to pouring out their precious thoughts through letters.

The letters aren’t really intended to be read sequentially according to the dates by which they were written. Rather, you can decide what to read. Read one, read two – read all twelve! It’s also up to you to decide whether to take “X” as a single persona or different people altogether.

We’ve all been touched by love one way or another.

This work goes out to those who believed, believe, and will forever believe in the power of love.

Read it here:



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