Writing Prompts

Last week, as a writing exercise as well as a way to keep myself awake during those idle moments in between classes (or during those very classes), I had my friends give me writing prompts – that is, they give me a word or phrase that I have to use in a literary work. Here’s what I came up with (names of people who provided the prompts are provided):

Anna: Happiness 

*Anna’s attempts of trying to make me write ‘happy things’ unfortunately backfired. :) *

Happiness is an illusion.

Will you make it a reality?

Happiness is what we all want to achieve.

Happiness comes at a price.

Happiness can never be truly felt,

without first experiencing what is

on the other side.


Anna: Rain clouds and Sunshine

*This one looks a bit more promising… Then again… ahahaha~ *

Rain clouds and sunshine –

Opposite but complementary

How could one appreciate the beauty

of one without the other?

The gray clouds of rain are sure to be

illuminated by the rays of the sun.


Marz: Linger 

*This one’s not really a writing prompt. More of, an inspired work*

It never goes. It never leaves.

It lingers – unchanging, unwavering.

Against the threats of the passing of time.

Though I try to forget,

It remains. It stays.

A constant reminder of what was

And what could have been.

Now, I am trapped in what is now,

And this constant feeling of void within.


Lorenzo: Freudian Slip

*Failure… So hard, Lolo!*

No, no – that’s nothing.

Impossible. I could not have said such a thing.

Why would you think… Argh.

I do not mean anything by it.

I do not hope it’ll happen.

No, no – it’s nothing.

Just a slip. :P


Lorenzo: A Pen Out of Ink

*This one’s supposed to be a bit longer, but I stopped myself, since I was beginning to write all emo again. Hahaha~ *

A pen out of ink.

A mind out of ideas.

What once overflowed

Now stands dry, drained, dead.


Aila: Copper – Bronze – Green

*I found it hard to integrate ‘green’, at first~ Aila obviously wanted to make me think hard. =)) Inspired by The Odyssey* 

I hold on to her copper ring

much tighter than my bronze sword.

I think of her carefree smile

much more than the blood to be shed.

I yearn for her sweet caress

much more than any medal of honor.

That river will be crossed.

That mountain will be climbed.

This battle will be won,

and I will return to her

in our fields of evergreen.


Shari: Turbulence

*Quite deliberately, Shari made my head hurt. Along with this writing prompt, she added the following conditions: 1) the work must not have anything to do with airplanes; and 2) the work must involve a happy tone – nothing emo! *

The feeling is like no other.

This growing sensation of both terror and excitement.

This fast racing heartbeat.

Never knowing

What to expect

What to do

What tomorrow will bring

No control. No anticipation.

The greatest adventure.

Indeed, the feeling is like no other.

This bewildering state of both shock and wonder.

This fast racing heartbeat.

More writing prompts are gladly welcomed! :) Awesome writing exercise!


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