Happen. Don’t Happen.

“Please happen. Please don’t happen.

This is the usual case whenever I have one of those “oh-so-special, life-changing, sure-to-be-memorable” events scheduled into my to-do list. I’d give anything for it to happen already, for time to fast forward and bring me to that stellar moment. But at the same time, I’d give anything for it not to happen for once it passes, I am left with the illusion that it was all just a dream. That, and I’d lose something to look forward to, something to get me through the rough days…

This is the case with me now. September 1, 2011. It will definitely be a day to remember. I am so preoccupied by what will happen during this day that I even dream about it – about what might happen, about what will happen.

I reckon this isn’t a good thing, considering the exams I have lined up for the coming days. And to make things worse, I also have an exam for that exact same day, Sept. 1. I guess I can say goodbye to any chances of getting high. There’s no way I’ll be able to focus properly on Systems, Muscles, and Bones when one of my lifelong goals is finally going to come true. 

Ah well. I’m sure things will turn out good in the end. After all, everything goes according to His will.

Whether things happen or don’t happen rests entirely in Him. :) 


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