My back, arms, and hands hurt like crazy. And I attribute the pain to the intense lesson we had earlier – PE 2 – Arnis.

Don’t get me wrong. Despite the pain, I quite enjoyed myself. Never thought I’d be taking martial arts. First and foremost, I’m  really no sporty person. I’d much rather lie down on the couch with a good book rather than head outside and run/hit/punch/kick/pass/shoot/throw/catch/*insert any other verb that has to do with a sport*.

At first, back when we were just starting, I thought, “Oh boy. I’m going to have to struggle with this one again…” But, the more lessons we had with those rattan sticks – canes, the more I came to enjoy Arnis. I most especially appreciate the fact that Sir Nuestro is patient with us. It’s no joke to handle a class of 30-something students, especially since it includes us, the maeksena iMed 2017 pips. I think I owe the whole “Wow. I am enjoying Martial Arts” story to him. Thanks, sir. :) Babanjing-banjing ako dati, pero tumitino na rin naman ang mga strike at porma ko, di ba? =)) Hahaha!

Anyway, thanks to these PE2-Arnis sessions, I am thinking off re-opening the ‘A Place for Us’ novel project that was put into hiatus a long time ago due to lack of knowledge and motivation. It’s the one that involves the long-lost childhood friend, the hot teenage singing sensation, the pretender, and (of course) Arnis. I think I have just about enough knowledge and TONS of motivation to write about it now. All I need is the time to do so. [And I still have to finish all those other projects. Wooh~]

Ah. So yes, I am in pain. Both physically and mentally [memorizing those skeletal system parts makes my head feel all woozy]. But I sure am motivated. :)

Hope to be able to write some more soon~


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