I’m going to make this quick since I still have to fix my to-do list [with all the stuff I have to do in preparation for the coming week] but I feel it pitiful not to make a record of this. Posting here would be a lot faster than writing it down in ‘sanctuary’. 

I believe that every moment is an opportunity. Every moment brings possibilities of all kind – innumerable and immeasurable.

As for today, I got a lot of opportunity to learn things, presented below in bullet form.

  • With the passing of time, you will find yourself doing what you thought you would never do in your life.
  • Maturity is never a question of age.
  • The age barrier can be destroyed at one point with the proper ‘push’ or the proper ‘pull’.
  • ‘Relax’ cannot be removed from one’s to-do list. Otherwise, one would just end up “utterly mad”
  • With every learning comes un-learning.
Ah. That’s pretty much it. I really just had to chronicle those few statements.
Let’s get back to that to-do list. :)

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